This story can melt chocolate even if it’s in your freezer.

I read this book on the laptop as we drove to Orlando for vacation, do not, I
repeat do not try this while driving. Let me say this book was so hot I was
seriously feeling like melted chocolate, very decadent and smooth and I needed
well…… I had to have my husband stop at a rest area before I embarrassed
myself in front of him and the kids and cool off before I finished the story.

My husband kept looking at me and asking me if I was alright. I said yes but I want
you, let’s just say his mouth fell open then he smiled- to bad we aren’t at home.

I wasn’t sure my legs would hold me up when I got
out of the car.

The story line is excellent and probably almost every woman’s fantasy.
The characters are very likable and I love how Kate “falls” for Mike, and the
swimming pool…….OMG. As you can tell the love scenes are out of this world
sexy and I could have read on for quite awhile although my husband would have
had to clean me up with a spoon .

The story reminds me of a line from a old country song….She was hotter than a two dollar pistol..she was the hottest
thing in town….. I would have loved the story to be longer with more of those
fantastic love scenes and character interaction but this short is definitely
full of bang for your buck.

Ms. Rylon please consider expanding this story, oh
and send those boys my way tonight!!!!I’m staying in Orlando so you can give
them directions

Z Seawitch