Jess Dee Rocks the House Again!!!!

I freaking absolutely loved Jess’s Book Raising the Stakes. Who new playing poker with friends could lead to this.  OMG the Love scenes were so  damn hot I melted- literally, several times. I’m drooling right now just thinking about them. The emotions between Meg, Des and Alex are well, lets say I cried and rejoyced and cried some more and wanted to thump somebody with my cure-all cast iron frying pan. I love the emotions going on in Des’s and especially Alex’s head. I hate giving away spoilers so I canna say anything else except go buy it!!!!!!! And if you haven’tread the first book in this series Going All In, go buy it for goodness sake and treat yourself!!!  Then you can buy the third book Full House!!

Check Jess out at her website here.

I Love Jess Dee!!

Z Seawitch