I have to say WOW, WOW, holy cow, aye carumba, this book grabbed me from the
begining by my shirt collar and wouldn’t let me go, infact I couldn’t – wouldn’t
let it go. I read it in about 24 hours. Not only did it grab me from the first
page it just kept getting better and I didn’t want to put it down, not even to
attend the event I flew to Ga to attend. I felt like I was leaving one of my
little ones at the hotel by themselves, I felt guiltly leaving Jax and Marcus
behind and kept thinking about them, biting at the bit to return to them. As
soon as I got back, and did I say I couldn’t wait to get back, I started reading
again and had to force myself to put it down so I could get to bed for my 3:30
am wake up call. I absolutely fell in love with Marcus along with Jax and Jax –
what a woman,what intestinal fortitude. Marcus was, well, he is deep and has
managed to retain his honor and I believe his humanity and well I’d love to go
bump in the night with him. I found all the characters to be believable as well
as the plot turns and twists and I can once again say that I was right there
with them in the book watching it in vivid living color. Infact It was so good I’m
going to start it over again so I can just savor it,roll around and imerse
myself in it. I canna wait for the next one in this series, lord I wish Karin (
MS. Harlow ) could write about 50,000 words per minute. I’d love to see this
made into a movie. This is definately a must read.

This is one gotta have story so go out and treat yourself and buy the book. You can find Karin here.


Z Seawitch