Yes it’s my birthday today and my youngest Ephraim too. Yes the wee little fellow was my birthday present 5 years ago. And I’d like to give out some presents today. I also want to make my site grow since I am finally back from vacation and soon all my kids will be in school. Also I’m trilled about not gaining any weight back from my diet even though I went to RomCon where there was food and fun all around. So so far I have 3 subscribers so I have alot of print books that I have brought home from RomCon so if my subscribers would pass on a link to my blog and invite there friends to also follow me and subscribe I’ll be giving away these books until I run out.

So here are my rules:

1. Must leave me a Happy Birthday wish/comment on todays blog.

2. Must subscribe to my blog to help it grow.

3. Once you do those things send me an email with Birthday Contest in the subject line to

4. Don’t forget to invite your friends to follow me and subscribe.

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