The second book in the series of Runaway Brides definitely lives up to the first. This book follows Colin and his search for actress Chantal. Since the previous book revealed that Aidan is not the father of Melody, Colin now believes Melody is the child of his ex lover Chantal. So he sets off on a journey to find and marry her. Enter Pru, Chantal’s seamstress, who has been left by Chantal without her pay.

Colin discovers Chantal has run off with another man to be married and he must reach her before that happens. But Melody slows him down.  Colin offers Pru employment as Melody’s nanny. She sees this as a way to find Chantal, retrieve her wages, and get herself and her brother to London. But like our previous heroine, Pru has secrets that could cause the path to true love to be rocky.

In addition to the characters we met in the first book, more additions are made that make this book colorful and intriguing. Colin must learn to look beyond his own romantic memories of a woman to see the one that is before him. And she must learn to trust the man she loves with her secrets. Once again I was sucked in and did not want to stop reading even to sleep. I believe myself to be an empathetic person so I tend to feel all the emotions of a book fully. I encourage everyone to read these books. They will keep you captivated and make you laugh.

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