Ahhh, we’ve reached the last book in the Runaway Brides series. This book is about the up to now missing Jack and the woman that jilted him after a night of passion. Or so he thinks. At this point it’s been determined that Melody must be Jack’s child. But Amaryllis isn’t the woman that shared that night with him; it was her younger sister Laurel. She believed for four years that her child was stillborn but when Jack comes with Melody to confront her sister she gets the shock of her life.

Believing everyone in her life conspired to keep her from her child she plans to steal Melody from Jack and run away. But things don’t always go as planned. And Jack and Laurel must find a way to resolve their differences or risk the endless unhappiness of the members (and now family) of Brown’s.

Like the previous two books this book was enthralling. I actually read all three in about two days. I recommend it and any books I review here. I have never been able to finish a book I didn’t like (except for school books, yuck). So anything I review will be something I would recommend to others.

These books are definitely straight historic romance. I saw no subgenres and it’s also one of my favorite types, Regency. If you like Regency England, kooky characters, and the thought of infiltrating the infamous mens’ clubs of England these books are for you. And if you have any suggestions on how I can improve my reviews please let me know. I’ve never really done them.