My Beloved by Karen Ranney

is a Love Story of Grand Designs.

Engaging the Heart and destined

to be a Keeper!

I love stories that involve Templars but this story has a different view of Templars than most that I have read. That’s all I’m going to say, you’ll have to read My Beloved to find out any more about that subject.

Now let’s get back to Juliana and Sebastian’s story shall we? I would have to say this is the Greatest Love Story I have ever read. It’s earned it’s place on my Keeper shelf and as one of my Comfort Reads.

Juliana was wed to Sebastian Langlinais at the age of five, the son of her fathers Liege, the boy she had stuck her tongue out at when he smiled at her.  Although she didn’t understand that’s what  had happened until it was over and she was then taken to the Sisters of Charity to be raised and trained for her future duties of chatelaine. She is known as the Langlinais Bride and she has been waiting for and dreading too, the day of summoning.

Juliana has finally been summoned by her groom Sebastian and is excited and a bit nervous to begin her new life. Only, she is met by a shadowy man in monks clothes, her husband.  Sebastian informs her she has a choice; a marriage in name only where she is free to do as she pleases if she stays. Or if she does not agree to his terms in order to stay, a post-haste return to the convent to live out her life there; a stifling life under the abbess’ rule.

Juliana makes her choice, she chooses a life where she can garden if she wants and she can copy her beloved manuscripts and perhaps in time her new husband may change his mind and they could have a real marriage……..

Sebastian, captured and held for ransom during The Crusades is finally free by the hands of his brother and The Templers…at a price. Sebastian is free…free to return home …free to keep his secret…free to summon his bride…free to never touch her…free to never be touched…

He needs her… he needs her to protect his people when he is gone…. he needs to protect her…. he needs her.

He can not touch anyone, no one can touch him, especially his young beautiful wife, no matter how he longs to do just that. He needs Juliana though, to care for and take care of his people when he can no longer do so; when he is forced to disappear. He must also protect her not just from himself but his brother and the Templars that he belongs to. He’ll do whatever it takes even speed his own death to save them, to save her.

In this book you will learn Sebastian’s secret…you’ll be there as Sebastian and Julianna learn to live with each other. As their relationship forms, grows and changes. You’ll see truly selfless love, choices made and honored, and you’ll see the miracles that can happen to those that  deserve miracles.

That’s it…that’s all I’m saying because you have to read this book! I will say that this story, My Beloved, is a Great Story of Love, yes, the Greatest Love Story I have Ever read. It needed repeating and My Beloved is a Keeper in my book and is also a comfort read as well.

Z Seawitch

Book Blurb:

They call her the Langlinais Bride-though she’s only seen her husband one time…on their wedding day, twelve years ago.

For years naive, convent-bred Juliana dreaded being summoned to the side of the man she wed as a child so long ago. Now her husband, Sebastian, Earl of Langlinais, has become ensnared in his villainous brother’s wicked plots-and has no choice but to turn to his virgin bride for help.

Juliana now finds herself face-to-face with a man so virile and so powerful that she’s fascinated by him-just as he asks her to go against everything she holds true. Sebastian never counted on being enchanted by the beauty of this innocent angel he intended to keep as wife in name only–and he dares not reveal to her the secret reason why their love can never be…

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