Good Morning Everyone,

Sorry it’s been a week since I posted. I’ve been under the weather so to speak. I had an MRI on my brain,a yearly one to make sure I’m not crazy. The good news…I’m not crazy…the bad…well my wee little blood vessel is still with me but the good news is it’s still wee (2mm). I know not even as big as a pencil eraser, it also hasn’t rented out any space to other blood vessels, they just can’t figure out where it’s coming from or where it’s going. I know how it feels, I feel like that some days, not sure what I walked into a room to do or get so I stand there trying to remember then just shrug and go on my merry way. The worst part of the MRI is I’m allergic to the dye and have to be pre-medicated which this time made me very tired, weak and a little sick to my tummy for a few days. I’ve also had a headache every day since but after a week it finally went away.

So more good news..the MRI was part of a physical for me before we retire from the Navy and my breast exam came back good, my pap and all that came back good, yeah!!! What a great thing for Cancer awareness month!!! My cholesterol also came back good, real good for my first time, those triglycerides love me and that’s good. My blood pressure is good 96 over 68, which is good for me.

Oh no here comes that little grey cloud again…yeah my blood work was off, way off, I am pretty gosh darn anemic and it’s kicking my butt again. My HCT is 29.5 it should be somewhere between 37-47 and my HGB is 9.6 and should be between 12-16. A few years ago it was so low I had to have iron infusions by IV yah doggy, at least they fed me lunch as I was hooked up to my bag of tar looking stuff and they piled me with toasty warm blankies.

Basically everything came back low and I don’t know what half of them are but I did have one thing that was high and that was RDW mine was 15.6 norm is 11.5 – 14.5. So does anyone know what RDW’s are??? it was the only thing that was high.  Ah, yes and I don’t have enough red blood cells in my body either so they are sending me to a hemotologist/oncologist to figure out where my blood is going.  No really that’s how the  doc put it,” I’m sending you to a hemotologist to find out where your blood is going.”

There is a bright side…no vampire worth his salt should ever want my blood even if I was the last human on earth…bad side…yeah that won’t help me if there is a zombie apocalypse, they’ll still eat me. And really of the two it’s the Zombies that scare me.

So really I have just been too tired to do anything, even read. Although now that they are having me take 650 mg of iron a day I feel a little better but sick to my tummy after taking the iron for a while. But at least now I have some energy and I’m getting ready to write some reviews.

BTW if anyone knows what that RDW is I’ll send you a book!!!!!

Oh the above picture is my oldest gel, Stephanie who sometimes does reviews here, and owes me some, with my FIL horses, they are part Tennessee Walker, on one of our trips to West Virginia. If anyone has/knows a young man around 26-32 that is ready to settle down…yeah my Stephanie is available. Had to throw that out there sorry. LOL

Z Seawitch