Hello everyone and Happy Hump Day!!!.

Earlier this year a sweet friend of mine, Fatin, over at Writeminded Readers became a widow when her husband was murdered outside their little family store. The writing community banded together and Auction 2011 was put together to raise funds for Fatin and her children. I bid on two things, one was an arc for Erin Quinn’s book Haunting Desire and a Fantasy Photo Shoot with a Cover Model at RomCon 2011 with author/photographer Jenn LeBlanc.

I was totally surprised when I won both, and couldn’t wait for the book to arrive and for August to roll around. Well I went out to Denver with my husband and daughter for RomCon and met Jenn and the cover model Derek Hutchins and the wonderful makeup artist Monika Graf. Boy did she make me look good. Derek is a real nice young man and it was fun to work with him, even if he was only about 22, his skin was so warm to the touch. The poor guy though was shaking like a leaf, I thought it was because he hated having to work with a much older lady but as it turns out he had just flown in that day and had already been shooting all day and was jet-lagged and dehydrated a bit. As soon as we were done he went to his room and slept until dinner. Then my hubby and I had our shot taken. Stephanie said I wasn’t being fair, I should have given her the photo shoot with Derek. I could have but then I wouldn’t have that wonderful book cover that Jenn did for me.

Here are the pictures Jenn did of my husband Denny and I. She is such a great photographer and a nice lady!! Denny is in his Navy Camoes and his remodeled T-shirt. Monika removed the sleeves so his tattoo would show. I had him get inked with Melissa Mayhue’s Guardian Mark and he’ll be getting Jericho’s tat from Karen Marie Moning’s fever series next month and another Guardian/Viking tat from Melissa’s new book Warrior’s Redemption.



That last one is my favorite. Here is the cover for Melissa upcoming book Warriors Redemption which should be out Dec. 27th 2011.  See the tat on his chest? Well I linked the picture back to Melissa’s site so you can go over there and maybe enlarge that so see it better. She sent me the JPG of it so Denny could take it to the Tattoo Pallor. That is a Viking symbol of Protection she told me and they usually wore it between the eyes on the forehead…yeah it didn’t work for her or me there so she put it over his heart, which is where it’s going on Denny too.

Now for Jericho’s  tat. He placed it on the base of the skull of the heroine Mac so he could find her when needed in Karen Marie Moning Fever series, kinda a Lo-Jac tat.

You should be taken over to Karen’s website if you click above, she writes some of my favorite Highlanders too which are also in her fever series. But all I can say is Drustan and Daegus, Adam and Cian, ah heck they all give me the shivers.

And if you want to link back to Jenn here is her link as I forgot to link the pictures to her.

http://jennleblanc.photoshelter.com/  and  http://illustratedromance.com/

Z Seawitch