Sins of A Highland Devil is the first book in Sue-Ellen’s Highland Warriors trilogy.

The background for these stories is this:   Three feuding clans; the Camerons, the MacDonalds and the MacIntosh; all living in The Glen of Many Legends and all claiming the glen as theirs and theirs alone.

The three clans are ready to spill blood and the King is going to help them do it.

By Royal Decree a fight to the death between the three clans to declare which clan will lay claim to the glen. Each clan must choose their best 30 warriors and meet on the field of battle, no mercy no quarter given, last clan standing wins all. If any man refuses or breaks the rules the three clans will be exiled to the Isles of Lewis to fight to survive or die there.

Each clan’s Laird is gifted with a sister, a lovely representation of their clan. And a bane to each Laird’s very existence, put on earth for no other reason then to drive them insane, at least that’s how they feel/think. These women band together to unite and save their clans and the glen they all love and call home and vow to do it by whatever means they must. What better way than to band the clans together than through MARRIAGE! Each Lady is to pick a man from another clan and capture  him and his heart for their own and help cement the peace of the Glen.

Sins of a Highland Devil lays a lot of the foundation for this series as we meet each clan and some wonderful supporting characters as well as a few ghosts. What I enjoy about Sue-Ellen’s stories is how well she writes her stories and interweaves her supporting characters in with the main characters, with Sue-Ellen’s stories you always get the full package.

This story is James Cameron’s and Catriona MacDonald’s; Catriona has picked James the Cameron Laird to capture as her own.

Catriona is one feisty Lady with a sharp tongue and hair to match and she’s everything James wants but shouldn’t have. Try as he might to remember she is the enemy James can’t stop thinking about Catriona. And what he’d love to do to this fiery miss that challenges him at every turn, and her hair, Lord just to run his hands through her hair.

Catriona has had a crush on James since he thwarted her attempt as a young girl to seek out and take a peek at Grizel and Gorm, keepers of the Glen, and threatened to kiss her. Ah his kisses can tame even her sharp tongue and she longs for more when she doesn’t want to kick his shins that is.

There are other forces at work here in the Glen, trying their hardest to make sure all does not go well for our three clans.

Ok, that’s all I’m going to say because you just need to read the book, I loved it and have read it twice! So I hope I’ve whetted your appetite to see what unfolds between Catriona and James. The Battle scene is very exciting and at the same time so heart wrenching. Ok so I did say one more thing but if you want to know more go buy the book, in fact- go buy both books because next is Temptation of a Highland Scoundrel.

Z Seawitch