Ok, so I have 25 people who have liked my on Facebook and 11 followers, those brave few willing to wait for my posts. So I have a few Questions for my lovely followers. Please feel free to answer in the comments. As you all know due to adding 3 grandchildren to my household full-time and my health issues I haven’t been able to post as much as I would like, so saying that….oh and lets not for get that I’m trying to pack up a household of 11 to move in about 5 weeks.

Q  Would you prefer to see a post here everyday ( even if it’s not a book review) or do you get bogged down trying to keep up with posts?

Q- I was thinking of doing a contest for the New Year instead of Christmas for the above reasons and there are so many contests out there already I canna keep up. I plan on inviting some authors to join in, would you like that?

Q- I know who I want to invite but now is your chance to tell me who you’d like to meet and throw out some questions you’d like to ask your favorite authors.

Q- I’m going to invite some of my friends who have there own blogs do you all mind that?

Q Some of the ladies I want to invite also write Erotic so I’m trying to find a way to alert my readers so those who object to eroctic won’t be offended.  How about a warning that some content may be rated R at the begining of the post?

Q Would you rather win free books, or GC to Amazon or B&N? Are are you happy with what you get?

Q- Do you enjoy piano music, ie no singing, just piano? I have CD’s to give away as prizes from a 16 yr old who composes and preforms his own piano music, he is awesome!

Q- I’m thinking of going offline  for the next 5 weeks so I can get this house packed up, I may pop in now and then here and there if I started going crazy; will you guys miss me? or leave me? if I do??

Q A lot of blogs require you become a follower or subscribe in order to win, I don’t care for that personally so how can I gather more followers???? Idea’s please.

You can post your answers in the comments or you can email me directly at Seawitch Reviews @ yahoo. com  please remove the spaces.

Z Seawitch


Here are my three sons BTW. We have Ephraim #9, my youngest then Zachariah #7 on the board and my oldest son DJ #5  in the order of things. Just felt like posting them.