Good Day Everyone.

I want to introduce everyone to a new to me author, Reid Lance Rosenthal.

Let me start by saying I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about Thread’s West.  I was thinking that it might turn into a history lesson that would be boring.  I should also tell you I love history and it was my favorite subject in school next to math and I always aced my history tests and finals.  So saying that, I loved Thread’s West. I was  positive I was going to enjoy the book after reading the inside cover blurb.

Threads West is the first book in a new series about immigration and the Western Movement that helped form our country’s rich history. I would love to see it as a TV miniseries.  So we are introduced to six main characters:  Johannes from Denmark, Ruben from Prussia, Zeb an American Mountain Man, Rebecca a very proper English Miss, Jacob a burley Irishman, Inga a Norwegian immigrant already working in the states, and Sarah a seamstress from Liverpool, England.

We follow them on their immigration from their perspective countries to America and then their start westward to new lives except Zeb and Inga who are already here. Mr. Rosenthal truly has a gift to bring his characters to life. I truly felt I knew the characters very well by the end of the book and I can’t wait for the second book to come out.  In fact, I’ll go so far as to say I wish Sarah’s aim had been better and I sincerely hope that Jacob gets his comeuppance soon and I hope it’s extremely painful and bloody!!! I wish I could find someone like Ruben for my oldest daughter to marry, or Johannes if he could be reformed. One could count one-self lucky if they could have friends like Sarah and Inga and there’s hope for Rebecca yet. Zeb is the man I would want leading me west, he’s got a true mountain man feeling about him.

Mr. Rosenthal has woven in  many supporting characters that help the story come to life as if it’s unfolding before one’s eyes. His descriptions of backdrops and landscapes make the story jump out at you in Technicolor, they so enhance the story and make me wish I was there getting ready to make that trip with them. I enjoyed his character interaction as well and can’t wait to see how these relationships move forward.

When I was young I fell in love with the mini series How the West was Won, North and South and  Lonesome Dove and now I have Threads West. I think based on this first book it would make a great miniseries, read it and I’m sure you’ll agree. I plan on picking up the second book Maps of Fate as soon as it comes out.

Thank you Mr. Rosenthal for bringing history to life!

   Maps of Fate – click on me to learn more!

If you’d like to find Mr. Rosenthal just clink here   or   or on the book covers above.  Mr. Rosenthal has agreed to join us on my first ever blog party later in January. So watch for my Almost Heaven West Virginia blog party then.

Book Blurb

The High Ceiling Of The Central Train Station of New Jersey’s main terminal echoed with the sound of travelers scurrying to and fro.  Mothers shepherded children . There were the occasional broad brims of the western hats which had begun to be popular.  Johannes and Ruben stood transfixed by the tumultuous scene.  The electricity of the crowd fired their already heightened sense of adventure.

The men carried only their duffels and the map case.  Each clutched their long guns sleeved in fringed leather.  A Colt Army pistol was tucked into Johannes’ waistband.  Reuben’s Navy Squareback Colt was tied down into a holster on his hip– the bottom of which was loosely trapped to his thigh with rawhide.  He had oiled the stiff skin, but it still had that particular light tint of new leather.

“There it is!” Reuben pointed toward the track.  The sign read, ” West Bound:  Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago, St. Louis.”  Steam already billowed from the engine of the westbound Pennsylvania Rail Road train.

“Let’s go!’  Reuben shouted above the din.  Then he realized Johannes wasn’t behind him.  He turned.  Johannes had stopped to look down the terminal.  Reuben followed his gaze and laughed.  Johannes’ attention was fixed on a tall, beautiful woman five cars down the track.

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