Highlander’s Curse is the eighth book in Melissa’s Daughter’s of the Glen series.  Have I said how much I love this series???? Well I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!  I absolutely love Melissa’s stories. I love them so much that I asked my DH Denny to go get inked with Melissa’s Mark of the Guardian and he did.

         Here he is in his kilt even!

I really enjoyed Colin and Abbey’s story.  Abby is an archeologist finishing her graduate degree. She’s not your normal archeologist, she seems to have this uncanny knack or ability to find missing things. Colin is a 13th century Scotsman who has been cursed by the Fae Queen herself to feel the pain of all the souls missing their soul mates.  It all starts when Abby wishes for The One, the one being Colin and so he is transported from 13th century Scotland to modern-day and into Abby’s bed. Abby helps put Colin in touch with his modern-day family and then she’s off to Scotland on a dig.  Colin is recruited to become a Guardian when all he wants is to fight for Scotland’s freedom back in his own time. Meanwhile Abby is in Scotland in danger from the bad guy Flynn and thank goodness Colin is able to reconnect with her…but will he be in time and gee there’s more time travel in store too.

Ok if I say anymore it’ll be too many spoilers. I really enjoyed this book, it is a little different in that the hero and heroine spend a bit of time apart doing their own things before reconnecting. I had a very hard time putting it down. Melissa’s characters are so well thought out and well it’s like you can just step right into her story and be a part of it.

If you haven’t read this one yet you have to add it to your TBB list and out right now is the next book in the series Warrior’s Redemption, it’s on my list and just as soon as I get to a bookstore it’s mine!

If you want to find Melissa you can click on a cover or go here   http://melissamayhue.com/index.html . Melissa will also be joining me on my Blog Bash and will be here Jan. 29th.

Z Seawitch