Welcome to the first day of my Almost Heaven West Virginia Blog Bash.

Welcome to all my followers and visitors, I am having a month-long celebration in my husbands honor. My husband Denny is retiring from the Navy after serving for 24 years. We are packing up one last time and moving back to his home state of Wild & Wonderful West Virginia. Each post will start off with a picture to showcase West Virginia.  Everyday their will be a prize up for grabs and at the end we’ll be giving away some chocolate and a surprise yet to be revealed and a few along the way. So let the fun begin!

Please follow the rules posted at the end of each post to enter the daily contests and remember you don’t have to subscribe to win but I hope you decide to stick around. Also any post that contain super erotic material will carry the warning label so as not to shock or offend anyone upon opening.

So without further ado let me introduce our very first guest  Vivian Arend.


Official Bio:

Vivian Arend has hiked, biked, skied and paddled her way around most of North America and parts of Europe. Throughout all the wandering in the wilderness, stories have been planted and they are bursting out in vivid colour. Paranormal, twisted fairytales, red-hot contemporaries—the genres are all over.

Between times of living with no running water, she home schools her teenaged children and tries to keep up with her husband—the instigator of most of the wilderness adventures.

And in her own words:

The 2007 Nanowrimo challenge in November triggered my addiction with writing. When I discovered ebooks and erotic romance in 2008, the rush was on. April 2008 I began writing what became my first published work- Wolf Signs released March 2009.

Becoming a writer has given me friends from around the world, and allows me continue to use my imagination. Peter Pan had something right – there’s a part of me that never wants to grow up. Playing pretend is too much fun. It’s also possible to write anywhere in the world.

I enjoy reading and writing both contemporary and paranormal works. Outdoor experiences figure prominently in my work, partly because I’ve traveled with my husband and family extensively – to places with and without running water. I can help build a house, sew enough to repair just about anything, and I know far more than 101 uses for Duct tape.

I hope you enjoy my work, and if you have any questions you can reach me via my contact form.

This wonder woman does travel a lot, when she answered the call she was in Ecuador and she sent her answers while on the beach.  I first met Vivian on one of my Yahoo groups, Samhain or InternationalHeatwave I do believe. She had put out a call for some help naming a starship for her story Claiming Derryn, and offered a prize for the one she picked.  The prize was the dedication in the book and a free copy of the e-book. I quite enjoyed the story and the dedication made tears come to my eyes.  As you can see it is a m/f/m erotic as well as being a sci-fi and if you clink on the cover it should take you to her book page to learn more. Here is the dedication, my very first one.


To the men and women, like STSC Denzil (Denny) Lynch, who are at work on land and sea, protecting and guarding. And for their loved ones, like Zina, who stay at home and safeguard the heart of the nation—our children. Now, or in the future, we do it all for love.

Today Vivian would like to promote her Six Pack Ranch series which she has just revamped. These books are on the steamy side so have a glass of lemonade at hand. ;-0  

So for today I am offering up as the prize to a lucky winner all 3 Six Pack Ranch E-Books.


The Coleman family have been ranching in the Rocky Mountain House area of Alberta for generations. These modern day contemporary cowboy romance stories follow the current family members as they find both their place in the community and happy-ever-afters.

Now lets ask Vivian some questions shall we   ( interrogation light snaps on )

Did you choose your genre or did it choose you?
Genre? What genre? I write it all! At least as far as contemp or paranormal. I love the wolfies but having to work through problems in a contemporary without resorting to “special” solutions is also fun.
What is your favorite comfort food?
Love Mac and Cheese. Oh, and Lasagna. And… I just love food! Lol.
Do you have a comfort read?  Tell us about it.
It would have to be Lord of the Rings. Nice, light reading. 😉 actually, I love Samwise. He’s probably my favorite character.
Were you a bookworm growing up?   Who did you read?
YES. I read everything, including things I shouldn’t have… If it had words, I read it. Asimov, Orsen Scott Card, Lucy m Montgomery, really, everything but…dare I confess this?…I didn’t read romance until 2008.
What is something that scares the heck out of you?
Heights. Which is why I took up rock climbing. Hate being afraid of anything.
If you could go on the Ultimate Vaca where would you go and who or what would go with you?
Oh boy, tough question because I love to travel, and there’s the places I’d like to still visit (New Zealand, Greece) and return trips to the Yukon, Spain, England, Hawaii. I’d travel with my hubby or friends or my daughter.
Who are some of your favorite authors?
In romance: Lauren Dane, Moira Rogers, Courtney Milan, Maya Banks, Thea Harrison…I could go on all day, you know. There are so many for different reasons.
Research?  How do you prefer to do it; plane/train/automobile, laptop or library?
All of the above. I love to write about places I’ve been, but I think before the day of google searches, I would have been in trouble!
Do you attend conferences? 
If so where can we “stalk” I mean go to find you and which is your favorite to attend?
Heheh. Stalk away! In 2012 I’ll be at RT in chicago in April, and LA in July for RWA. I’ll also be in Las Vegas in March, including a special book signing on St Patty’s day for anyone who can join me there. There will be more details on my website.
I’m considering a few more conferences like AAD and the Texas Readers and Ritas, but no finite plans yet.
12. If you could have one of your books or series to be made into a movie which would it be and who do you see staring in it?
I don’t know about movies, but think the wolfies would be cool as a graphic novel series!
                  These are Vivian’s Granite Lake Wolfves
And here are her new Takini Wolfves
To finish off, describe yourself in 5 words.
Creative, adventurous, unpredictable, incredible and modest. 😉
Vivian is a very nice lady, I hope everyone gets to meet her in person one day.  And she is modest when I met her in person this year in NYC at the RWA Literacy Book Signing after hugs and squeals she introduced me to her neighbor Zoe Archer and told me all about her books, of which I bought two .
If you’d like to learn more about the awesome Vivian Arend please visit her site at  http://www.vivianarend.com/
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