Good Morning Everyone. It is currently a frigged seventeen degrees at five thirty am. We are driving through Pennsylvania after spending the night in Carlye(sp) we are headed for Maryland and Hagerstown and the closet Chick a Fila to my home in RI. I am going to get my favorite chicken minis hashbrowns and sweet iced tea for breakfast. The melt in your mouth heavenly ness are those chicken minis. After that we head towards the Cumberland gap. After slingshoting through the gap I know we are on the home stretch and a mighty cheer will go up when we cross the West Virginia state line.

Today’s winners were picked by the random mind of my husband Denny and you can’t get any more random than a man’s mind. Today’s winners are Rao and Dalila G.

I know there was only supposed to be one winners but due to a short five minute debate between me and my PA/daughter Liz we picked two.
So congratulations Rao and Dalila have each won the ebooks. Email me by February 29th to claim your prize at All prizes will be sent out after February 29th and note Denny’s tire just blew out and we are changing it now.