A Great Big Thank You to all my wonderful followers and the wonderful authors who understand the problems I’m having with no internet at our new house. They promised me it will be turned on this Monday. I will be back in RI then and will have internet there. So I’m having to use my phone and it’s not easy because I’m in an area where my connection is terrible. But the internet should be up and working when I get back from RI. I’m sitting in my mother-in-laws using her internet and she lives down the side of the hill, I’m surprised the rain and mud hasn’t washed her trailer away. I have to put my SUV into 4 wheel drive to get in her driveway then hike down to her trailer.

So for todays winners, yes winners…since Karen has offered up 5 books my daughter gave me 5 random numbers and here are your winners. Please email me your snail mail addys at SeawitchReviews @ yahoo .com. Remember books won’t be shipped until the end so I have to only mail 1 box to anyone winning multiple times. 😉 Also todays winners will be receiving a mystery books from my book cache. So each of your wins 2 books, yeah you!

Winners are CateSparks, Karen C, StacieD, Carol L, and June M.

Congratulations Everyone

Z Seawitch