Welcome to the thirteenth day of my Almost Heaven West Virginia Blog Bash.

  If skiing is your thing we have Snowshoe, ah yes that snow has yet to hit me here in Parkersburg, I hope it doesn’t. If you click on the pic it should take you to their resort site.

Welcome to all my followers and visitors, I am having a month-long celebration in my husbands honor. My husband Denny is retiring from the Navy after serving for 24 years. We are packing up one last time and moving back to his home state of Wild Wonderful West Virginia. Each post will start off with a picture to showcase West Virginia.  Everyday their will be a prize up for grabs and at the end we’ll be giving away some chocolate.

          Here is Denny in Iraq in front of the Phalanx gun he was in charge of. He was in charge of around 250 sailors over there, I’m happy to say they all came back with no injuries, that weapons system he’s in front of is what shoots down the mortars that are shot at the bases.

Please follow the rules posted at the end of each post to enter the daily contests and remember you don’t have to subscribe to win but I hope you decide to stick around. Also any post that contain super erotic material will carry the warning label so as not to shock or offend anyone upon opening.

Today I am pleased as punch to introduce you to another Smutketeer the wonderful and awe inspiring Karen Erickson.                 Bio:

I’ve always loved the written word. From being one of the best readers in my kindergarten class to penning romantic stories that never ended about my favorite band members (Duran Duran!) in high school, I always had a feeling I wanted to write. It just took me a while to seriously pursue it.

With the birth of my third child came a realization – it’s one thing to talk about writing a book, another thing entirely to actually do it. So I decided to go for it and in 2005 I began my pursuit in writing toward publication. After completing a few clunkers that should never see the light of day, my first erotic romance novella was published with Cobblestone Press in 2006. I’ve since been published with a handful of other epublishers including Ellora’s Cave and Samhain Publishing. I have recently sold to Loose Id and Carina Press.

On a personal note I’m a native Californian who lives in the foothills below Yosemite with my husband and three children. Oh and the dog, the cats, the rooster and the chickens…

Wow Karen, I’m not a true native – I was born in Oregon but moved to California before I was one and lived in Northern California : Redding, Marysville, So. Lake Tahoe, Igo and Happy Valley. But I have now lived on the East Coast longer and I do miss my Northern Calif and Oregon.

I Love Love Love Karen’s Fated series.                 Her covers are like works of art. I have yet to meet Karen in person but we do chat on the Smutketeers blog and yahoo group  and she is such a sweetie.

Today Karen is looking forward to promoting her upcoming release (3/20/2012) Worth the Scandal the first book in her Worth It series at Samhain Publishing.       Worth the Scandal Samhain Publishing March 20, 2012 Pre-order info here

Strictly business? Try telling that to her heart…

Worth It, Book 1

Alexander Worth, President and CEO of Worth Luxury Goods, is a man never to be crossed. His unwavering sense of responsibility to the family business requires him to always be in complete and utter control. Until it comes to Tessa Crawford.

She’s quietly professional, shy, voluptuous…and she works for him. Which means she is the one woman he must never touch, no matter how hard his gut twists with need for her.

After rising above her disadvantaged childhood, Tessa knows the last thing she should do is risk throwing it all away by falling into bed with her sexy boss. But on an extended European business trip, all self-imposed barriers burn away in the heat of their sizzling chemistry.

Once back home, though, whispers of corporate espionage turn into full-blown scandal—and Tessa finds out the hard way where Alex’s loyalties lie. Determined to soldier on, she picks herself up and carries on with a secret, yet welcomed burden. Never guessing that Alex will make a reappearance in her life, ready to show her once and for all that family does, indeed, come first.

Oh wow Karen that is a great little blurb, I canna wait to add this to my TBR list. Karen is going to give one lucky person a e-book copy of Worth the Scandal; please note as it doesn’t release until 3/20/12 you will have to wait a wee bit but believe me her books are Worth It, hey that tied in with her new series, LOL.

So Karen let me call Jeeves in, he’s been preparing a wee little snack  oops how did he get in here!!!!! Wee that’s not my Jeeves he belongs to someone else, I’m afraid we’re only getting chocolate chip cookies. OK OK I just couldn’t help being a wee bit bad. So now that our blood is pumping after the cover art and the sneaky Jeeves let get to know Karen a wee bit more.

Z: Did you choose your genre or did it choose you?

K: Well, originally I thought I wanted to write historical but my (much) earlier attempts at historical romances were—in one word—awful. When I started pursuing writing towards publication seven years ago, I went with contemporary erotic romance. I’ve always written hotter so overall, yep I’m going to say it chose me.

Z: What is your favorite comfort food?

K: Chocolate chip cookies. I just made some and everyone in my household are happy.

Z: Do you have a comfort read?

K: I have a few old standbys I like to read every few years. Lavyrle Spencer’s Separate Beds. Judith McNaught’s Something Wonderful. Jude Deveraux’s Knight in Shining Armor. Oldies but goodies—and those are three authors who influenced me and made me want to become a writer.

Z: Were you a bookworm growing up?

K: Heck yes, I was! I was an early reader in Kindergarten and was always a top reader in class. I discovered Silhouette teen romances when I was around twelve (oh, those were so great!) and I remember stumbling upon Zebra historical romances back in the mid-eighties. Can’t remember many author names from those days. Note in the authors’ names in the above answer for those I devoured in my later teens.

Z: What is something that scares the heck out of you?

K: Rattle snakes! Oh my God, even seeing them on TV freaks me out. And we have them around where I live *shivers.* Oh, and watching Celebrity Ghost Stories can get me spooked. Yeesh.

Z: When we built our house we had rattle snakes coming out of our ears, it was dangerous to come and go out of the house.

Z: If you could go on the Ultimate Vacation where would you go and who or what would go with you?

K: We’d leave the kids at my parents and my husband and I would go to Maui for ten days. We were married there a little over ten years ago and we want to go back.

Z: How romantic.

Z: Who are some of your favorite authors?

K: I can’t play favorites and besides, they are too numerous to mention!

Z: Research? How do you prefer to do it; plane/train/automobile, laptop or library?

K: Laptop, talking with people in the know and I’ve done the occasional library jaunt though not like when I used to (back in the pre-Internet days). Lots of times I travel somewhere for a mini vacation and end up using the spot for a book idea…

Z: Do you attend conferences? If so where can we “stalk” I mean go to find you and which is your favorite to attend?

K: I went to three conferences last year: The Romantic Times convention in L.A., the RWA conferences in New York City and the Emerald City Writer’s Conference in Seattle. I had so much fun at every conference it’s hard to pick which was a favorite! For the overall getting to meet readers experience, I enjoyed the RT con the best though I met a lot of great readers at all of the conferences.

RWA in NYC was awesome because come on, it was NYC! And I’d never been there before. I enjoyed the Emerald City conference because there were a lot of author friends there I got to spend time with, especially my good bud Shelli Stevens.

This year I’m tentatively planning on being at the RT convention in Chicago and for sure the RWA conference in Anaheim, CA. I’m not sure if I’ll be attending any other conferences.

Z: I was at RWA in NYC, I didn’t see you but then in 2 hours I only made it thru the B’s.  Come to RomCon in Denver.

Z: What do you like to drink, nibble on or listen to while you write?

K: Diet Coke is my drink of choice though I’m trying to drink more water because I drink waaaay too much Diet Coke. I like to turn on Pandora and listen to a variety of music while I write but not always. I’m weird. Sometimes music playing helps me write and other times it holds me back. It depends

Z: Do you have kids?

K: I have a seven-year-old boy, an almost nine-year-old girl and an almost eighteen-year-old boy who graduates high school this year (sob!). I cannot believe I’m mother of a high school senior. Considering I’m only twenty-eight I’m not quite sure how this happened. *wink*

Z: I know what you mean I have 3 that are out of the house and my oldest of the younger six is 17 so I’m about to send more chicks out into the world.

Z: If you could have one of your books or series to be made into a movie which would it be and who do you see staring in it?

K: I’ve never considered this before. I could see my Fated series being made into a movie, similar to New Year’s Eve (with various couples featured). I’m not sure who all I’d want to star in it but I do one actor who should be one of the heroes—Henry Cavill! Oh, my word, he’s gorgeous.

Z: I would so be in the ticket line, I’d be the one camping out for 3 days just to get a ticket.

Z: Favorite TV shows?

K: I love Downton Abbey, Modern Family, still watching Once Upon a Time and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (yep, I said it, I love that show).

Z: To finish off, describe yourself in 5 words.

K: Wife, mother, daughter, friend, author, happy. J

Giveaway: A digital copy of my upcoming release Worth the Scandal (first in the Worth It series), which will be available March 20th. One lucky commenter will receive the book in early March—before it’s released!

Want to read an excerpt? Go here and here.

Preorder Worth the Scandal at Samhain | Amazon | B&N

I want to add a wee something to the giveaway, an ebook copy of Under My Umbrella the first book in Karen’s Fated series because I love love love it!!!

Thank you for stopping by today Karen, please come back in March to promote Worth the Scandal again.

Z Seawitch


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