Well here we are ……sooooooo whatca dooooing?   Me I’m expecting my parents, brother, sister, daughter, SIL and grandson to get in around 8pm tonight from Calif and Texas. But before they show up I have to fix spaghetti for about 50 people. Why…. well it’s the night before my husbands retirement ceremony and my home will be invaded by family and sailors.  But I’m regressing….we’re supposed to announcing  a winner.

So picture my hubby sitting in his recliner doing what men do…. no never mind don’t do that. So he gave me a random number and the winner is Alaina, you are the winner of Ing’s post.

Alaina please email me with your snail mail with Ing’s winner in the subject line to SeawitchReviews @yahoo.com.

Now for the winner of Zoe Archers post, Ivy was the winner but since she already has the book I will send her a choice from my book stash…which is still in RI so I’ll send you the list later. Since Ivy has Devil’s Kiss Denny picked another number and the new winner is Michelle Bledsoe

Michelle and Ivy please send my your snail mail addys at SeawitchReviews @ yahoo.com with Zoe’s winner in the subject line.

Z Seawitch