Ok here is our winners for day 19….but before I announce that I want to tell everyone to go check out that special post I did at 2 today starring the piano music of Mitchell Blier.

Ok, so now that you all went and listened to Mitch and his piano I’ll tell you the names of the winners….wait you did go and listen to Mitch right….ok if you pinky swear you did.

The winners of Cindy’s  Last Man Standing  are Mary Preston , Diane Sallans and  Lenna H. The winner of Seal Of My Dreams is  Carol L.

  If anyone already owns the book  or any books I’ve picked winners for  please let me know and I’ll let you pick out of my book stash and give someone else a chance to get a new book.

Congratulations  and please email me at SeawitchReviews@ yahoo .com with Cindy’s winner in the subject. Remember any books that I myself are sending out won’t be going out til after the bash is over.