Welcome to the twenty-third day of my Almost Heaven West Virginia Blog Bash.

Welcome to The Greenbrier a Five Diamond Hotel/Resort and Presidential Safe house. 

           The Greenbrier has received a Five Diamond award from AAA for the 35th consecutive year. It’s the highest rating achievable in AAA’s rating system of hotels and resorts.  The resort is one of only three properties  to maintain the Five Diamond Rating  for 35 consecutive years.   In his remarks, Doran said, “There are lots of wonderful  properties in this country, but there is only one Greenbrier. The difference  between a four-diamond and a five-diamond property is all about the people and  service.  That’s what you are all about.”

You don’t want to know what it costs, but I’m sure it’s worth the memory. Someday I want to stay there and tour the Presidential bunker.

Here’s our 4 generation family only my daughter Laska and her husband Dal were missing.    Here’s my brother, sister and I with my parents. They all live in Northern Calif. I live ,well now in WV, but then in RI, if you drew a line straight across the country then went up…well we don’t see each other all that often, so it was nice having them visit.

Welcome to all my followers and visitors, I am having a month-long celebration in my husbands honor. My husband Denny is retiring from the Navy after serving for 24 years. We are packing up one last time and moving back to his home state of Wild Wonderful West Virginia. Each post will start off with a picture to showcase West Virginia.  Everyday their will be a prize up for grabs and at the end we’ll be giving away some chocolate.

Please follow the rules posted at the end of each post to enter the daily contests and remember you don’t have to subscribe to win but I hope you decide to stick around. Also any post that contain super erotic material will carry the warning label so as not to shock or offend anyone upon opening.

Today my guest is Jade Lee a new to me author that I met this year at RomCon.   Bio: A USA Today Bestseller, JADE LEE has been scripting love stories since she first picked up a set of paper dolls. Ball gowns and rakish lords caught her attention early (thank you Georgette Heyer), and her fascination with the Regency began. And as a Taurus, she lives to pit a headstrong woman against a tortured hero just to watch them butt heads on the way to true love. Flesh wounds are rare, but the healing and laughter are real.

Now an author of more than 30 romance novels, she finally gets to set these couples in the best girl-heaven of all: a Bridal Salon! This way she gets to live out all her wedding fantasies, one by one. (Let’s be honest, what girl has only one idea for her dream wedding?) For more on the Bridal Favors series, visit Jade on the web at her website, Facebook or Twitter.

And don’t forget Jade’s other name, KATHY LYONS. That’s Jade’s lighter, contemporary side. She writes for Harlequin Blaze merging hawt sex and funny relationships into really great reads.


              Before you ask, Jade is wearing a bustle which women still had to do even in their bathing suits. That’s Delilah Marvelle with Jade, they had a ball.

Jade is starting a new series titled The Bridal Favors, make sure you read the question about kids in the Q & A portion.


Lady Gwendolyn is playing with fire. She has a habit of wandering into illicit places with gentlemen just to see how well they kiss. It’s dangerous, but she can’t seem to stop herself and no one in her family is up to the task either.


Sir Edward Murray is the man who can tame her. He may be just a country baronet, in town for a spell then gone, but the vivacious Lady Gwen draws him as no other. So he devises a carefully plotted campaign to capture the lady as his own. But he never guesses the depth of the lady’s spirit or the power of her passion.


Why is Lady Gwen risking herself and her reputation with her scandalous forays? When Edward uncovers the truth, he is caught in his own stratagems. She figures out his deceit and may never forgive him. Can Edward convince her that some things aren’t as wicked as they seem? And that love is the wildest ride of all?

    Bridal Favors Book #1

Berkley Sensation March 6, 2012 ISBN: 0425245934 ISBN/13: 9780425245934

The dazzling wedding of fashions of A Lady’s Favor dress shop are guaranteed to make any girl the talk of the ton. But the brides aren’t the only ones falling in love….

Lady Helaine’s father was cast out of society as a liar and a thief—a scandal which renders her unfit for marriage. In order to provide for herself and her mother, she adopts an assumed name and runs a dressmaker’s shop that specializes in bridal wear for ladies of high society. Helaine is happiest immersed in silk and satin, but she lives in terror that someone will learn her true identity and she will lose everything…again.

Robert Percy, Viscount Redhill, is entranced with the mysterious Helaine and weaves a web of seduction sure to ensnare the delectable dress designer. Yet too late he learns the heartbreaking truth about who she used to be. Now he must find a way to overcome the past to claim Helaine as his own. But what chance has love when a secret mistress becomes a scandalous wife?

Shall we follow Jade into the Sitting Room at the A Lady’s Favor dress shop? Let’s all oh and ah over all the lovely things. Ok everyone take a seat now and let’s get to know Jade a little better and Jeeves will be bringing in the cucumber sandwiches and tea soon.

Z:  Did you choose your genre or did it choose you?

J:  I grew up reading regency romances.  The sweet ones, but the first time I read a sexy one…OH WOW!  I was hooked.  In fact, my writing genres absolutely reflects my reading tastes—regency era historical (sex), fantasy/sci-fi (check out my dragon books!), and then some contemporaries thrown in for fast fun (check out Kathy Lyons.  She’s my Blaze alter ego).

Z:  What is your favorite comfort food?

J:  Chocolate.  Is there any other?

Z:  Do you have a comfort read?

J:  Any Dresden book by Jim Butcher.  Love him, love it when James Marsters reads the books on tape.  Jim is my idol!  Well, him and Joss Whedon (Buffy) and Steven Moffat (Dr. Who)

Z: What is something that scares the heck out of you?

J: Spiders.  YUCK!!!!

Z: If you could go on the Ultimate Vaca where would you go and who or what would go with you?

J: I would go to NYC to watch Broadway plays.  As many as I could with my husband and 2 daughters.

Z: Do you attend conferences?

J:  I’m a conference slut.  I’m constantly travelling because I’m one of those rare author extroverts.  LOVE LOVE LOVE talking to people.  About anything and everything.  And if you like onion rings too, well then pull up a chair!  We’ll nosh together and gab!

Z:If so where can we “stalk” I mean go to find you and which is your favorite to attend?

J:  I always go to RT (Romantic Times convention) and I’ve done every Readers and ‘Ritas – that’s in Dallas.  Go to my website.  Chances are I’m going to a conference in your region of the country!  http://jadeleeauthor.com/appearances

Z: What do you like to drink, nibble on or listen to while you write?

J: Coffee.  Chocolate.  And my cat’s purr.  Best set up in the world is with a latte, a bag of peanut M&Ms, and my cat on my lap purring away.

Z:  Do you have kids? If so are they toddlers, school age, teens, college bound or “Hey Mom, I’m home again! or are you an empty nester?

J: 2 in college.  Both girls.  And when they came home this Christmas they saw a house full of wedding stuff.  They were both APPALLED.  Both have boyfriends, but neither is ready to get married.  I kept swearing it was for my new series, but they didn’t believe me.  But it’s true!  It’s for the new Bridal Favors series launching March 6 with Wedded in Scandal.  (4 women in the regency running a bridal salon.  If you want the prequel novella free, go here:  http://jadeleeauthor.com/engaged-in-wickedness-free )

Z:  Favorite TV shows?
J:  All cancelled.    Who here loved Firefly?  How about Lie to Me?  Raise your hand if you miss Buffy!

Z: To finish off, describe yourself in 5 words.

J:   Vivacious, talkative, loves to eat!

So today everyone wins go here for a free download of the prequel e-novella in her new Wedding Favors series Engaged in Wickedness


I will also buy 1 lucky person the first book in the series Wedded in Scandal.

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