Ok everyone I am now headed back to WV with a wee stop in Long Island to visit my uncle who is in Hospice.

So is everyone ready to hear who todays winners are???

Oh first:  I’m glad my daughter is staying here at our old house because when my dh came up the drive from getting lunch he found one of our neighbors snooping around the pool and checking the place out. The neighbor walked over and said..” Oh I was coming over to see if you guys were still here or gone.” My dh told him the younger kids were all moved but we were here moving more stuff and we’d be in and out fixing things before putting it up for sale but that our older kids were still  living here watching the place. Hopefully that will keep him and his daughter from coming back to snoop.

So on to the winners

Sabrina’s winner of The Truth About Lord Stoneville is KittyKelly and the winner of To Wed A Wild Lord is  Victoria Zumbrum.

Congratulations send me an email with Sabrina’s winner in the subject to SeawitchReviews@yahoo.com and your snail mail addy.

Now for Mitch’s winners : KittyKelly, Carol L, Karen C, Lenna H, Vampedchik, Sue Ferrell, Victoria Zumbrum and Leah Weller.

Congratulations, send me your snail mail addy to SeawitchReviews@ yahoo.com with Mitch’s winner in the subject.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone. 😉

Z Seawitch