Hello and Good Afternoon everyone. In case you haven’t been by today it’s a Super Saturday. That’s right two posts today, you all have seen KittyKelly here in the comments, she’s a fellow blogger and she’s my guest today so come take a peek. Then we also have Larissa Ione who pens the Demonica and Lords of Deliverance series. So I hope you come by today and visit if you haven’t already.

So moving on to the winner. The three winners of Robyn’s Hidden Summit  is,  pics4 , Jenn C and  CateS. The winner of Seal of My Dreams is Marjorie Roberts.

Todays numbers were picked by Denny, Mom, Dad and my 9 yr old Maddy.

Congratulations and send me your snail mail with Robin’s winner in the subject to SeawitchReviews @ yahoo.com.

Remember if I don’t hear from the winner by Feb 29th I pick new winners.

Z Seawitch