Ok good after noon everyone. Lot’s to say today.  Don’t forget to come by and meet Nina Bangs today.

First there will be some new winners drawn for previous winners because, some winners already had the prize, so watch for new winners in the next few days.

Second tomorrow is it! I hope you all will come by because we will be having Reid Lance Rosenthal, a real cowboy from Wyoming, oh he’s so nice too. I’m very glad I met him through Facebook and learned about his book. There may be some extras prizes or announcements tomorrow too…ah yes a tease.

Thirdly, let’s get to those winners shall we???

Day 28 winners of Julia’s  The Year of Living Scandalously  are  Ivy and  Leah Weller.

Congratulations and Send me your snail mail with Julia’s winner in the subject to SeawitchReviews@ yahoo.com.

Day 29 winners of Sue-Ellen’s Temptation of A Highland Scoundrel is JessS, the winner of Haunted Warrior is Carol L and the winner of Tails of Love is Candy Gorcsi.

Congratulations, send me your snail mail with Sue-Ellen’s winner in the subject to SeawitchReviews@ yahoo.com

Happy Monday Everyone.