Good evening everyone:

Ok, here’s some more housekeeping.

Day 13, Leah doesn’t have a way to read digital so she took a book pick and the new winner of Karen Eriskson’s Worth the Scandal is Shelley Bagby , email me with Karen E’s winner in the subject  and  the email to send the e book to in the body.

Day 27 CateS already has Hidden Summit so Random Number picked a new winner. Terri Zinchiak, email me your snail mail with Robyn’s winner in the subject. CateS will recieve a book pick.

Day 29 Carol L just bought the book Haunted Warrior so random picked a new winner blondieblackLinda Townsend, please email me your snail mail addy with Sue-Ellen’s winner in the subject.  Carol L will get a book pick.

Day 30,  June M already has Tempt Me so the new winner is  librarypat, email me with  winner KittyKelly in the subject. And June M will get to pick from my book stash.

Now onto todays winners!!!!!

Day 32 Winners, todays numbers were picked by Stephanie since she was on the phone with me.

Nina’s winner of My Wicked Vampire is Ivy  and my winner of Wicked Edge is Carol L. 

Congratualtions, send me your snail mail addys with Nina’s winner in the subject to SeawitchReviews@