So as the day comes to an end we have  8 Hunky Highlanders to send home wi 8 wee lucky commenters .

So here they come, sigh…..     

So we are going to play matchmaker here and pull some names to match wi our Highlanders…….

  This copy wi Curan’s story is going home wi Victoria Zumbrum


  this copy wi Gordon’s story is going home wi Jennifer Tipton


  this Curan is verra  happy to be paired with Sue Farrell


 this Gordon will be leaving wi the bonny  StacieD


  this Curan is waiting to go home wi this lass  Lenna H


   This Gordon is quite looking forward to returning to a warm hearth with Lexi


  our last Curan is hoping to provide much pleasure (reading pleasure, please) to JessS


  not to be outdone our last Gordon is eargerly awaiting the arrival of  KittyKelly  so that he may wisk her off.

Well, how did I do trying to get a Scottish accent????

Ok, you all can stop laughing now!!!!!!!

Thank you again for a great month and don’t forget we’ll have more winners in a few days.

Congrats and forgive me for not putting the instructions to email me with your snail mail addys with Mary Wine Winner in th subject to SeawitchReviews @

Sorry my bad.  I have received an email from Sue and Lexi, everyone else please send me an e-mail for verification.

Z Seawitch