Good Afternoon again!

Well, while I’m waiting for a pair of pants to dry…oh,yeah I like to share my troubles. This morning as I discovered I had no clean pants(only have 3 here) there went the doorbell, thank goodness I have the kids trained not to open the door, without permission. I ran up the stairs…it was the minister or a helper from the Methodist Church here in town, here once a year they go around to the community and pass out bags of potatoes, with our family size they gave us two. The funny part was if my kids had just opened the door he would have seen me in my bloomers.

Well I am panted now so let’s move on to todays winners from our  Grand Finale / Valentine Cowboy Reid Lance Rosenthal.

Was he not the nicest guy…and a cowboy…. and a gentleman…and not to bad looking…and goodness it’s a good thing I’m married, lol, I’m just teasing. Reid really is a nice guy and he is good lookin  and I’m glad he become a friend.  I still have to get the answer to his riddle from him, so hang on just a min. or two while I email him……..still waiting for him to reply………still waiting………..well, maybe I’ll continue writing the post  while I wait for his answer.

Winner of Reid’s Maps of Fate     and …..OH!

Hang On……..ah I got it, he snuk back in and posted it.

Reid: Funny you should mention Into the West  :-)   A riddle for ya–what does the Into The West, Indiana Jones and the Threads West film works (assuming one occurs for my series) have in common ?

Zina:  I don’t know what????

Reid: could be…maybe…possibly…the same screen-writer  :-)

Oh Squee…let me google it….no no don’t want to Jinx it. Good luck Reid and I hope you’ll keep us updated.

from me the copy of  Thread’s West,     the Valentine Bear Duo, the Box of Chocolate and $25.00 GC is………..the drums are beating fast……. and faster….stop!  the winner is  JessS.

Yeah…(confetti flying)

Congratulations, please email me at SeawitchReviews @ yahoo .com with Reid’s winner in the subject. Please send me your email for Reid to get in touch about  Maps of Fate and I need your snail mail addy.

And now for the 10 winners of a book pick and a box of chocolate are……

as book picks are made the next name will be emailed the up-dated list.

They will be in order so please email me at Seawitchreviews@ with your number and Book Stash Pick in the subject. When you send me your choice please also include your snail mail addy.

1. Mary Preston

2. Barbara

3. Diane Sallans

4. Carol L.

5.  Leah Weller

6. Karen C.

7. Victoria Zumbrum

8. librarypat

9. June M

10. deborah