Goodness Everyone!

I agree it seems to be unanimous, I shall let Denny pick the numbers.

Now on to some business. Two of the new winners also have the books so to make it a little easier I’m doing two special posts today for My Wicked  Vampire by Nina Bangs  and Haunted Warrior by Sue-Ellen Welfonder. Later today will be the winners from Reid’s Cowboy Valentine post and Mary Wine’s post.

FYI, the comments for todays special posts don’t go into the works for the bonus prizes because I only want those that don’t own these books to comment. Each book will have its own post.

We had a great day yesterday with Chris, he got to talk to his mom on the phone, it was her birthday too. then he got to talk and see his da on the computer. We had about 20 people here for his birthday dinner and cake and ice cream. He got 4 new outfits and 3 new cars from Cars 2 and a joker car and 10 hotwheels, so he’s happy today. He even got to eat two pieces of cake for snak this morn. It was a nice break for me, so thank you all.

I have a surprise. I’m going to start having a monthly Author Spotlight.  And guess what!  I had an author email me today saying she would love to come back, she enjoyed this last month. So in March we will be revisited by my friend Erin Quinn, as you may remember Erin had traveled  before the post and caught some bug that put her down for a few days. I’m so happy that Erin will be my first guest for this new featurette.

I’m so happy that I’m going to pick 3 people from today’s comments to pick a book from my book stash.  All books in my book stash are new, I received them from RomCon or they are doubles or triples I bought, if they are used ones from my library they will state that, I think I only have 3 of those.

So I’ll see you all later today, and thanks for making my celebration for Denny so wonderful.

Z Seawitch