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Denny started giving me numbers and he had a few more than what I needed so I hope no one minds if I change the terms of the prizes. Instead of the 6 winners we will have 9 and they will all be for a $25.00 GC . There will also be a few extra winners who will receive a mystery book from my book stash picked by me.

Denny picked numbers that pertained to his Navy career.

Well here are the bonus winners,

Unit Number in Boot camp – 75 :  winner of GC – Mary Preston

1st Sub-USS Haddo SSN 604 :   winner of GC – Diane Sallons

2nd Sub-USS Phoenix SSN 702 : winner of GC – Carol L

3rd Sub- USS Connecticut SSN 22 : winner of GC – Leah Weller

When he reported to the USS Connecticut it was the Navy’s newest Sub.

When he re-enlisted he was then stationed on this next sub which was the Navy’s oldest.

4th Sub- USS Philadelphia SSN 690 : winner of GC – KittyKelly

He then broke away a bit from the submarine community and went to a Sub Tender (surface ship – TARGET). All his previous subs were fast attack subs and he also worked with Navy Seals that rode on his sub. His longest time at sea was on the Philly, they were gone 342 days one year including a 7 month deployment. He took orders to the tender to set him up for his next sub a Boomer, where he finished his career so that our 6 youngest children would be able to go to university at little to no cost. It’s a scholarship program by the state that crew members can take advantage of. For his rate being on a Boomer is boring. Fast attack subs are hunters / killers , Boomers are  strategic defense / hiders.

If anyone has seen  The Hunt for Red October Denny’s job was portrayed by Jonesy , he’s a Sonarman, it’s his job to find what they want to kill and make sure they didn’t hit any other boats or underground terrain.

So let’s move on, he left his Tender to train and deploy on loan to the US

Army in Iraq operating and maintaining the guns that track and destroyed any mortars shot at the bases. He then came home a year later to transfer and report to his last command, the Boomer and his home states namesake.

Tender – USS Emery S. Land AS-39 : winner of GC – CateS

Battery Unit Echo 552 – winner of GC BettySunflower

Echo 552 was the same unit his cousin POW Jessica Lynch was assigned to.

Task Force 33 : winner of GC – Mary Preston

Last Sub – USS West Virginia SSBN 736 – winner of GC KittyKelly


I added some more winners.

While on the Philly they completed their 1000 dive : winner of a mystery book Mary Preston

He was in the Navy 289 months : winner of a mystery book DalilaG

Denny served for 1253 weeks : winner of a mystery book librarypat

My favorite number 3 times 333 : winner of a mystery book Leah Weller

Then I just wanted to get some numbers from later in the month so I used and here are some more mystery book winners:

1235 – Karen C.

768 – Ivy

1062 – Cheri Zerrer

965 – StaceyD

918 – lisagk

1229 – CathyP

Thank you again to all the wonderful authors that donated books or came by to chat, and thank you to everyone that popped in to help me celebrate. Smooch to you all.

Congratulations to you all. Please email me at SeawitchReviews @ and include in the body your snail mail addy and email for those that are getting GC’s. In the subject please put GC winner or mystery book winner or both of them in the subject  if you won more than one and then just send me one email.

Don’t for get not all the prizes have been claimed so they will be given to new winner on March 1st if I don’t hear from the winners.

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