Ok here is the master list, I hope I didn’t forget anything, or anybody. There are some which are noted unclaimed and some have unclaimed with a question mark because I may have accidentally erased the email from regular commenters. Winners have until Feb. 29th to email me. On March first I will post what I have left unclaimed. This contest will be for anyone that has not won anything in the blog bash so as to spread the love more.  If there were two winners and the first is unclaimed it will go to the second winner and a new winner will be drawn for the second gift.

Day 1 winner of Vivian Arend’s three e-book series Six Pack Ranch

         Raonaid Luckwell and Dalila G


Day 2 winner of Karen Marie Moning’s signed copy of Shadowfever


copies of Darfever :

Leah W, Lindsey E, Barbara, Carol L, Raoniad, Linda T, Karen C and StacieD.


Day 3 winners of Karen Ranney’s last five releases

        GP – Karen C

pick of one of Karen’s last five releases

     CateS, StacieD, Carol L and June M


Day 4 winner of Carly Philips  – Serendipity

        Lenna H and Carol L


Day 5 winner of Lori Foster’s Booty

       Books   –   Sue Farrell

       T-shirt   – Carol L

       Mug  –     Christine Weber   ( UNCLAIMED)

       Tails of Love  –  Lynne           ( UNCLAIMED)


Day 6 winner of Deeanne Gist’s – Love On the Line

          Paula Osbourne             ( Unclaimed)


Day 7 winner of Jennifer Ashley’s  – Wild Cat

          Ebony Morton                 ( UNCLAIMED)


Day 8 winner of RG Alexander’s prizes

        $10.00 GC  –  StaceyD

       Three Sinful Wishes  –  Mary P

       E-book Backlist  –  Ivy


Day 9 winner of Veronica Wolff’s   signed books

       Sword of the Highlands

                 Raonaid Luckwell

     Lord of the Highlands


                Flossie B   (UNCLAIMED)


Day 10 winner of Jessica Scott’s e-book Because of You

          Mary D, Emily Tardy and Jennifer Tipton


Day 11 winner of Ing’s box of Books



Day 11 winner of Zoe Archer’s  – Devil’s Kiss

           Michelle Bledsoe

   winner of book stash pickIvy


Day 12  winner of Mari Carr’s  –  Because of You & Because You Love Me

            Karen C


Day 13 winner of Karen Erickson’s  e-book copy  –

Worth the Scandal & Under My Umbrella

           Shelley Bagby    (UNCLAIMED) ( CLAIMED)

  e-book copy of Under My Umbrella


winner of book stash pick – Leah W


Day 14 winner of Delilah Marvelle’s  –  Forever and A Day & Forever Mine



Day 15  winner of Eden Bradley’s e-book The Seeking Kiss


     Winter Solstice

          June M  and   Fedora

winner of book stash pick – KittyKelly


Day 16 winner of Erin Quinns e-books  Echos or Whispers


     Shaking It Up

           lisa hutson

winner of book stash pick – Lenna H


Day 17 winner of Melissa Mayhue’s  –  Warrior’s Redemption


     Thirty Nights with a Highland Husband

            Cathy P


Day 18 winner of Terri Brisbin’s e-books

Once Forbidden A Love Through Time


      pb copy of  Surrender the Highlander   –  Diane Sallans

      pb copy of  The Conquerer’s Lady    –   Raoniad Luckwell


 Day 19 winner of Cindy Gerard’s   –   Last Man Standing

                   Mary P, Diane Sallans and Lenna H

     copy of Seal of My Dreams

                   Carol L


Day 20 winner of Jess Dee’s e-book  Winter Fire

              June M

e-book copy of  Hidden Fire



Day 21 winner of Cat Johnson’s   e-book  Cowboy Shuffle

                  Stacey D

e-book copy of   Bucked

                 Pomma ( Darcy)       (UNCLAIMED)


Day 22 winner of Sabrina Jefferies  copy of  

     The Truth About Lord Stoneville


    signed copy of   To Wed A Wild Lord

                   Victoria Zumbrum


Day 22 Music Special- Mitchell Blier winners of his CD

KittyKelly, Carol L, Karen C, Lenna H, Vampedchik, Sue Farrell, Victoria Zumbrum Leah Weller


    Day 23  winner of Jade Lee’s  –  Wedded In Scandal

                       Lenna H


Day 24 winners of Zina’s  USS West Virginia Cookbook

KittyKelly, Rao, Karen C, Sue Farrell, Kathy Garuti, Lexi and Lenna H.


Day 25  winner of Crystal Jordan’s  – Demon’s Caress

Cathy P  and  June M

winner of a book stash pic. – Karen C


Day 26 winner of Sylvia Day’s  – tote bag and books



Day 27 winner of Robyn Carr’s –  Hidden Summit

pics4, Jenn C and Terri Zinchiak   (UNCLAIMED- by pics4 & JennC)

winner of Seal of My Dreams

Marjorie Roberts

winner of a book stash pic – CateS


Day 28 winner of Julia London’s – The Year of Living Scandalously

Ivy, Leah W and lisagk  (UNCLAIMED by lisagk???) CLAIMED


Day 29 winner of Sue-Ellen Welfonder Haunted Warrior

Cathy P

winner of Temptation of A Highland Scoundrel

Jess S

winner of  Tails of Love

Candi Gorcsi (UNCLAIMED)

winner of a book stash pic – Carol L & Linda Townsend


Day 30 winner of Larissa Ione’s – Supernatural

Raonaid Luckwell   (UNCLAIMED???)  ( Claimed)

winner of Pleasure Unbound



Day 30 winner of KittyKelly’s favorite books

Tempt Me by RG Alexander


Dark Melody by Christine Feehan


winner of a book stash pic. – June M

FYI none of KittyKellys comments this day went in for prizes as it was her guest blog day.


Day 31 winner of Jaci Burton’s –  The Perfect Play

Raonaid Luckwell

Jessie Lewellyn (UNCLAIMED)

winner of the e- book A Rare Gift

Shari Moore

Denise Smoker  (UNCLAIMED)


Day 32 winner of Nina Bang’sMy Wicked Vampire

Robin W

winner of a copy of Wicked Edge

Carol L

winner of a book stash pic. – Ivy


Day 33 winner of Reid Lance Rosenthal’s  – Maps of Fate Gift Basket

Jess S

Book Stash winners

Mary P, Barbara, Diane Sallons, Carol L, Leah Weller, Karen C, Victoria Zumbrum, librarypat, June M and deborah


Bonus Day  winners of Mary Wine’s books

Improper Seduction winners

Victoria Zumbrum, Sue Farrell, Lenna H and JessS

My Fair Highlander winners

KittyKelly, Jennifer Tipton, StacieD and Lexi


Thank You Winners

Karen C , Dalila G and Carol L


Final Bonus Winners:   Gift Cards

Mary Preston, Diane S, Carol L, Leah Weller, KittyKelly, CateS, Mary Preston, BettySunflower and KittyKelly

Mystery Book Winners:

Daliah G, librarypat, Leah Weller, Mary Preston, Karen C, Ivy, Cheri Zerrer, Stacey D, lisagk and Cathy P

You can email me at SeawitchReviews@ yahoo .com

 Z Seawitch