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Welcome to delicious eroticism and wonderful stories..welcome to the world of Mari Carr, one of the Queens of Steam.

I had Happy Hour in my E-Book TBR que for a while and a few months ago on the Samhain chatgroup the International Heatwave ladies come over to host a few hours of fun and excerpts. Well you can guess what happened. Yep Happy Hour was one of the books Mari had excerpts of. And after reading the excerpts I had to, I mean I JUST HAD TO READ IT, the excerpts left me drooling.

  Happy Hour is in Mari’s Black and White collection.

This is a short tale that packs a punch. Grace, an older woman (a widow) and two fellow and younger teachers, Jamie and Trey, who are attracted to her and aren’t about to let a chance to be with her slip away. Although Jamie has been in love with Grace for years, he’s respected her wishes about no dating while she raised her daughter, Trey has been attracted to her and can’t wait to well……… Tonight that is about to change during Happy Hour near the end of her daughter’s senior year when Jamie and Trey offer to make a few of Grace’s fantasies come true.

Both Jamie and Grace are attracted to each other and would love to see where things may go if they only step and decide to take a chance. To see how this tale unfolds you have to read it, believe me you won’t be disappointed with this well spun tale.  I love how Mari has the interaction of Jamie, Grace and Trey start at Happy Hour where they are in a relaxed and let your hair down atmosphere. There are layers to the feelings these three share. And that’s it, that’s all I’m saying because I hate to spoil the story.



Last Call? She’ll have a double. Straight up…

For six years, widow Grace Wright’s days have been filled as a single working mother. Now, with her daughter graduating, her nest is yawning before her, wide and empty. And so is the upcoming weekend. Invited out by her coworkers, she decides it’s time to turn that corner and get on with her life.

Jamie’s had his eye on Grace for years, but it never seemed the right time to approach her. Tonight, something’s different. The sexual signals she’s giving off are unmistakable—and he’s not the only man in the bar who’s noticed. His best friend, Trey, is breaking a sweat just looking at the delectable English teacher.

The two men make her the offer of a lifetime, and Grace doesn’t hesitate. For one night, Jamie and Trey indulge her every desire, every fantasy, every naughty craving. In the morning Trey is gone with the wind, but Jamie his holding on to every moment as if he never wants to let go. Leaving her wondering if another chance at forever is too much to ask…

Warning: Contains a red-hot ménage, anal sex, graphic language, bondage, and toys. Serve with a tall, cool one with plenty of ice. How ’bout another round?

Excerpt: Copyright 2010 © Mari Carr All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication

Jamie looked at Grace dancing with Trey. He was trying to teach her  how to bump and grind and she was laughing. He fought back the twinge of  jealousy pushing its way to the surface when Trey drove his hips into  her ass.

“They look cute together,” Cheryl said.

Jamie turned to her angrily, ready to set her straight on the  subject, but Cheryl’s laugh cut off his reply.

She held up her hands in mock surrender. “Easy greasy. Those blue  eyes of yours are suddenly the most unusual shade of green.”

“They’re just dancing.”

“Maybe. Maybe not. You’ve had months to make a move, Jamie. Do you  really think other men are going to remain blind to Grace’s beauty  forever? She’s put out some serious hands-off vibes in the past, but I  think you can see that shield’s been put away tonight. Even Trey has  noticed.”

He looked at his friend and knew Cheryl’s words were true. Grace was  different tonight. She was open and…well, ready. Ready to move on,  ready for the next adventure.

“You’ve made your point, Cheryl.” She had. Jamie was finished  playing this game by Grace’s rules. Tonight the game plan changed.

“Damn,” she joked. “And here I was just getting on a nagging roll.  You give in far too easily. Not even a challenge, really.”

“Sorry to disappoint you.”

Lady GaGa’s voice faded away and a new song started playing. “Woot.”  Cheryl stood up quickly. “Hot damn. ‘Dancing Queen’. I paid a quarter  for this.” She boogied her way to the dance floor, dragging Grace back  out to the center as she and Trey were walking off.

Trey came back to the table alone, shaking his head. “Freaking ABBA. Where’s Lucas?”

Jamie gestured to the bar. “Saw an old friend of his. Went over to  say hi.”

“Oh.” Trey turned to watch Cheryl and Grace dancing and Jamie felt  an uneasy chill at the look on his friend’s face.

“You and Grace looked like you were having fun on the dance floor.”

Trey grinned. “Grace is a good dancer—for a white chick.”

Jamie fought back a scowl. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you  were trying to pick her up.”

Trey shrugged. “Grace is cool. She’s a lot of fun. Maybe she  wouldn’t mind taking a ride on the midnight express with me.”

Jamie’s temper reached the boiling point. “You better be kidding.  Besides, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’ve told you a  few thousand times how I feel about Grace. So what’s the real deal?”

Trey shrugged. “I don’t see a sign around her neck that says  off-limits, property of Jamie Fisher.”

Lucas came back to the table and both of them fell silent. Jamie was  seething, furious at his friend’s comment. Then he realized Trey was  right. He’d done nothing but talk about Grace—and not even to her. He’d  never asked her out, never let her know he was interested beyond a few  racy innuendoes. When he thought about it, Trey had given Grace more  hints about being interested tonight than Jamie had in their entire  friendship.

Jamie looked back at Grace and Cheryl dancing and laughing. Before  tonight, he’d had some sixth sense about Grace that told him she wasn’t  ready. Suddenly that feeling was gone and he’d be damned if Trey swooped  in now that the time might be right for him to make a move.

The music changed to David Allan Coe and Jamie saw a grin cross  Lucas’ face. “There’s my song. Who’s in?” Jamie shook his head and  neither of them even looked at Trey, knowing his distaste for country  music. “Fine,” Lucas said. “I’ll grab Gracie and Cheryl.”

Jamie sighed. This was becoming an epidemic. If it went on much  longer, he’d feel compelled to beat the hell out of both his friends.

“I thought you needed a kick in the ass,” Trey said. Jamie looked at  him and realized his friend was picking up their argument right where  they’d left it.

“So you’re trying to make me jealous?” he asked, relieved. They were  best friends, had been for years. Obviously Trey had spent one too many  nights listening to him talk about the sexy English teacher.

Trey nodded. “I was…but somewhere along the line that plan  backfired. Grace really is hot.”

Jamie took a drink of beer, trying to cool his throat and his anger.  Trey was interested in Grace and he couldn’t help feeling that perhaps  she was interested in his friend too. She’d touched Trey on the dance  floor a few times in ways that made him think the feeling might be  mutual.

Dammit. She’d always had this underlying sex appeal that attracted  him, but tonight it seemed magnified a hundredfold. He’d been rock hard  for hours. It’s a shame all the blood in his body was hanging out down  south. He could use a pint or two of it in his brain so he could figure  out what the hell was going on.

“Backfired?” he repeated. “So you aren’t trying to make me jealous  anymore?”

Trey had never poached on his girlfriends in the past. But Grace  didn’t belong to Jamie. Not yet.

They sat in silence for several awkward moments as the truth came  crashing down on top of him. “You can’t have Grace.” Jamie stated flatly  and he watched Trey struggle for a response.

His friend’s back appeared to come up a bit. “You’ve had months to  make your move. Hell, you’ve had years. If you’re not going to, I don’t  see why I should have to bow out.”

“You’re right. I’ve had months, but I also think I was right to  wait. Grace wasn’t ready before.”

He could tell the only word Trey heard in his sentence was before.  “But she is now?”

Great. He found himself wondering once more if Grace’s interest in  Trey was real. Had her touches been sincere? What if he’d waited too  long?

Jamie shrugged, unwilling and unable to answer the question.

Trey looked at him, his face far too serious for what was supposed  to be a fun evening out. “I’ll tell you what I think. I think she’s a  powder keg about to explode.”

“You do realize she’s twelve years older than you.” It was a low  blow, but Jamie was scrambling for ground.

“I’m not looking for forever, Jamie. Just one night. I happen to  think there are a lot of things I can give Grace. Things I don’t think  she knows she wants yet. The way she’s been looking at me tonight, the  little touches, the sexy smiles. She’s reaching out for something. I  know you. You’ll snatch her off the dating market the second she places  her big toe on the board. But is that fair to her, man? She’s gone from  married to single parent, never experiencing anything else in between.”

Jamie suspected there were some hidden desires inside Grace and  suddenly he understood what Trey was suggesting.

“I’ll never let you touch her,” Jamie said. His words were true.

“You’ll never let me touch her alone.”

Jamie’s eyes widened. His mouth opened, then closed, then opened  again, but no sound emerged. He could see Trey taking a perverse bit of  pride in leaving him speechless.

“A threesome?” Jamie whispered.

“Do you think Grace would go for it?”

Jesus. Jamie wasn’t sure he’d go for it, but now that the  idea was out there, he had to admit it was a secret fantasy of his.

“I don’t know. Are you serious about this, Trey? Would you really go  through with it?” He knew Trey, knew this was uncharted waters for both  of them.

Trey considered the question. “Yeah, if she wanted to and you were  okay with it, I think I would.”

“I’m in love with Grace.” The words flew from his lips, but he  wanted them said, wanted Trey to understand.

“I know that, man. I’ve known that forever.”

Jamie nodded, but Trey’s answer wasn’t enough. He would never risk  Grace’s emotions, her feelings on something that Trey might consider  just a lark. “I need to know how you feel about her.”

Trey grinned. “I’m crazy about her, but I’m not in love with her.  She’s an awesome friend and I think she’s one helluva woman. Let’s just  say my feelings reside in the ‘friendship with healthy bit of lust’  realm.”

“That’s not good enough.”

Trey ran his finger around the rim of his glass. He was silent for a  few moments and Jamie sensed his friend was struggling to explain his  feelings. Finally, he looked up. “She’s a good friend, Jamie. Probably  one of the best I’ve ever had. I’d never do anything I thought would  jeopardize that relationship. I may not be in love with her, but I care  about her. A lot. There’s an attraction between us. I don’t wanna mess  up anything between you two, but I’m pretty sure I’d spend the rest of  my life wondering what it would be like to be with her. Just once. And,  at the risk of sounding cocky as hell, I sort of think she’d wonder  too.”

Since this part of a collection I’ll post the collection  as well.   Happy Hour and Slam Dunk are the only two in Mari’s Black and White collection that are related.

   Erotic Research.

Passion ignites when fiction becomes reality and a little erotic research turns to love.

Romance writer Julia Martin is fine with her life, just the way it is.  Her simple apartment, successful career and Thursday night pizza dates with her too-hot-for-words editor Ross are more than enough for her.  At least, that’s what she thinks until her cat dies.

Ross Philips has spent years lusting after his shy best friend, but fears his rather strong sexual desires will be too much for Julia.  When she falls into a depression over the death of her cat and stops writing, Ross decides she needs a change.

His suggestion?  A new genre—erotica.  And, of course, being such a good friend and editor, he even plans to help her do a little research.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, spanking, bondage, graphic language and all sorts of fun stuff.

   Tequila Truth

One’s the loneliest number, Two’s company, but Three’s a fantasy come true.

The rules of Tequila Truth are quite simple.  Shots are poured, a question asked, and only absolute truth can be the answer.  Kylie Halston has been playing the game with her male roommates, Colt and Heath, since their freshmen year of college.

“What is your ultimate sex fantasy?  Heath poses the question to his roommates on his twenty-fifth birthday and the answer changes everything between them forever.  While Colt and Heath’s fantasies are too hot for words, it’s Kylie’s sex dream that hits a little too close to home for all of them.  Her wish?  For a ménage a trois with two men, complete with bondage and a bit of spanking for good measure.

Colt and Heath are only too willing to make Kylie’s fantasies come true and they make a proposal–one no-holds-barred sexed-up weekend.  Kylie jumps at the chance.  Throughout the weekend, the trio gives in to every fantasy, every craving, every desire.  Bondage, sexy hot showers, toys, and spanking are all on the menu and after each sensual episode, the formerly platonic roommates begin to wonder how life will ever return to normal come Monday morning.

Warning, this title contains all the following erotic essentials: explicit sex, ménage a trois (m,f,m), anal sex, spanking, bondage, and graphic language.

   Rough Cut

When the screen fades to black, all that remains is love.

Ty Ransome. Reigning king of Hollywood, producer, actor, Look Magazine’s Hottest Man Alive. He has it all—until he reads a book of short stories that touches him in places kept carefully hidden from the tabloid gossip mill. There’s only one way to meet the introverted writer—invite her to Tinsel Town to work on a script. The moment he sees her, he realizes why her work haunts him. There’s something missing in his life, and it’s her.

Gwen steps off the plane with reservations. For one thing, her darkly sexual stories are hardly movie material. Then there’s Ty’s reputation as a ladies’ man. Yet she’s won over by his charm and agrees to stay on for a week to get to know him before making her decision. And as the days go by, she discovers there’s far more to Ty than a handsome face.

They eat, drink and breathe the characters in their screenplay, re-enacting scenes that delve into the BDSM realm, setting Ty free to unleash his powerful cravings and exposing Gwen’s deepest needs. Needs she set free on paper…but is not sure she’s ready to make a reality.

Warning: This title contains all the following Tinsel Town essentials: explicit sex on a movie set, anal play in a mansion, BDSM with a hot movie star, capture fantasies while writing a screenplay, bondage in a limo, and, oh yeah, some graphic language—sorry about that.

  Power Play

There’s only room at the top for one person…at a time.

A Black & White Collection story.

Back on American soil for the first time in nine months, Reed Donovan is ready to blow off some steam. The beauty he spots at the local bar not only catches his eye, she snags him by the balls when she announces she’s always fantasized about having sex with a stranger—a fantasy he is more than willing to help come true.

Explosive fireworks over, Francesca rebuffs his invitation to dinner. While the sparks may fly between them physically, she doesn’t believe they could spend more than a few minutes in the same room without arguing. Her suspicions prove correct when Francesca reports for her new position the next morning—and discovers she’s been hired as Reed’s new marketing partner.

When Reed and Francesca immediately begin butting heads about future pitches to prospective clients, Reed proposes a bet. For the next three presentations, they’ll both make a pitch. Whoever wins the campaign also wins a fantasy.The competition is fierce—and hot. And the hotter it gets, the closer they come to the brink of something they never intended…or expected.

Warning: Wicked fantasies anyone? Up for some sex in public, sex with a stranger, sex in an office, sex in a bar, sex with a Dom, and bondage sex? Good. Strap in and hang on.

    Slam Dunk

Who says you can only score on the court?

When Ellie “Hottie” Hunter lands a job teaching science in the same high school as Trey Donovan, he knows the basketball gods are smiling on him. He’s in need of an assistant coach and Ellie fits the bill perfectly. In fact, if Trey plays his cards right, Ellie may be his perfect match off the court as well as on.

Ellie’s coming out of a bad relationship that not only broke her heart, but cost her the job she loved. Turning over a new leaf, she approaches her fresh start with a positive attitude and new rule—no more workplace romances. Unfortunately, her undeniable sexual attraction to Trey weakens that resolve. Maybe she could fudge the rule…just a little.

Casual sex doesn’t count, right? Right?

Warning: Lots of red-hot, half-dressed court presses complete with sex toys, food, bubble baths, strip poker and, oh yeah, balls.

There are  two companion free reads available at The Samhellion to accompany Erotic Research and Tequila Truth.

   Naughty is Nice

Featured free read on The Samhellion website. Joy is making a heck of an erotic wish list for St. Nick this year. Lucky for her, she’s been a very, very good girl. This short story features Kylie, Heath and Colt from Tequila Truth.

   In the Running

In the Running is part of the holiday free reads at the Samhellion. Noelle falls head over heels for Tom after they meet online. When they decide to meet in person for the first time over Christmas, Noelle gets a hell of a lot more than she bargained for from Santa! This story also features Julia and Ross from Erotic Research. I will say I can’t find a direct link to this story. If you click on the Samhellion link above and type In the Running in the search box, my story is about the fourth one down the list! It is there, I promise. :)

I own most of  these tales but so far I’ve only read Rough Cut another wickedly good tale. I am looking forward to further reading more from this collection. Here is the link to Mari’s website which she recently revamped and it looks so nice and pretty. here is her blog

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