Good Morning everyone,  I borrowed this from my friend Sue-Ellen over at Tartan Ink, this is about how I feel over what I need to do this weekend.

Ok I know that I was supposed to put up some unclaimed prizes but I have realized some mistakes…we have people with the same names  and I accidentally listed at least 1  prize to the wrong person so I’m doing a quick audit this weekend and so Monday all the unclaimed prizes will be up for grabs for those that haven’t already won something.  For any that I remove prizes to give to the right winner a mystery book will be in its place. I just want to make sure everything is right before I start boxing everything up.  Not to worry only a few prizes are in question, some of them unclaimed prizes, but I so do like to have things right.  Have a great weekend everyone and make sure you take a peek at todays book review that Stephanie did today, here is the short link.

Thank you.

Z Seawitch