You’ve heard of re-gifting right???  Well this is re-prizing unclaimed gifts, or prizes that the winner didn’t need or just wanted to share the wealth. I’m still waiting an email for 1 or 2 so I’ll save them for last. Also after this that’s it, if you don’t claim your prize with-in 72 hours(3 days) it goes into the prize closet to be given away some other day.

So Bachelor Prize # 1 is handy around the house and loves to share warm moments. Bachelor Prize #1 has also told me it loves to get cozy with warm hot cocoa or hot tea on chilly winter nights along with a good book.  I can also add Bachelor Prize #1 is handsome, has muscle to spare and has a lip fetish and is waiting to go home with that special someone willing to indulge him and loves to use whipped cream.

So if you would like to take home this Lori Foster mug featuring 4 hot guys leave a comment. A winner will be picked Wednesday and you have til Friday night to claim this hunk.

Say goodnight Jeeves.

Z Seawitch