You’ve heard of re-gifting right???  Well this is re-prizing unclaimed gifts, or prizes that the winner didn’t need or just wanted to share the wealth. I’m still waiting an email for 1 or 2 so I’ll save them for last. Also after this that’s it, if you don’t claim your prize with-in 72 hours(3 days) it goes into the prize closet to be given away some other day.

Oh I see Bachelor Prize #4 is also in law enforcement but he is dealing with a whole different type of criminal. His world is a paranormal world where there are shifters and hunters. He likes his women feisty and wild and he’s about to risk his life for a feline shifter hunting a hunter. Oh Kitty Kelly this sounds like your type of man, he likes cats, meow.  So who else would like to take a man hell-bent on protecting his woman home????

If you want to have a chance at this bachelor leave a comment.  A winner will be picked Wednesday and you have til Friday night to claim this animal loving hunk.

Jeeves, send us home now.

Opps, he was supposed to be sexy wasn’t he. Let’s try this one     Once again our sexy hero is from KMM website. Well he was kinda the Queens enforcer.

Z Seawitch