You’ve heard of re-gifting right???  Well this is re-prizing unclaimed gifts, or prizes that the winner didn’t need or just wanted to share the wealth. I’m still waiting an email for 1 or 2 so I’ll save them for last. Also after this that’s it, if you don’t claim your prize with-in 72 hours(3 days) it goes into the prize closet to be given away some other day.

Bachelor Prize #7 is about six-two, built like a war-horse, his muscles almost popping into prominence beneath his white tee-shirt under his opened leather jacket. Wide shoulders, narrow hips, low-slung jeans, long legs. His face is perfectly symmetrical — square jaw, straight nose, thick brows and deep, dark blue eyes. He also sports a very handsome, sculptured and tightly trimmed moustache and goatee. Isn’t he dreamy ladies. He needs a place to hide out are you willing to help him??? You see Bachelor #7 was a witness to a murder and he needs to be kept safe,  if you want to help him out just leave a comment.

A winner will be picked Wednesday and you have til Friday night to claim this Virgin River hunk from Robyn Carr last release Hidden Summit, there are two  to be given away.

Take us away Jeeves. Today we have two famous goatee celebs as our Jeeves.


Z Seawitch