You’ve heard of re-gifting right???  Well this is re-prizing unclaimed gifts, or prizes that the winner didn’t need or just wanted to share the wealth. I’m still waiting an email for 1 or 2 so I’ll save them for last. Also after this that’s it, if you don’t claim your prize with-in 72 hours(3 days) it goes into the prize closet to be given away some other day.

So we have two more Bachelor Prizes to meet so….. moving on with our Seawitch Dating Game. Bachelor Prize #8 loves to get sweaty and dirty and play ball….football. That’s right I’ve seen his picture and I’ll show you it soon. He has lived the fast life as a football star, cars, money and women. Oh and did I tell you about how good he looks sweaty and dirty???? Oh and I forgot sexy….he’s sexy. So let’s go look at his profile picture ladies…… oh and I happen to know that the same model was used for the second book so he’ll be our Jeeves today. So if you want to play ball and get  sweaty with Bachelor #8 just leave a comment.  A winner will be picked Wednesday and you have til Friday night to claim this sporting hunk.

Front view please Jeeves. 

Z Seawitch