You’ve heard of re-gifting right???  Well this is re-prizing unclaimed gifts, or prizes that the winner didn’t need or just wanted to share the wealth. I’m still waiting an email for 1 or 2 so I’ll save them for last. Also after this that’s it, if you don’t claim your prize with-in 72 hours(3 days) it goes into the prize closet to be given away some other day.

Wow, nine posts, I love numbers that have to do with threes. And I have nine kids how funny. So let’s meet our last bachelor and remember lots of comments mean more chances to win.

Bachelor Prize #9 has been married before ladies and he’ll need a woman with a good heart to help him love again. His ex was very manipulative and it ended ugly so be prepared to put on your best self forward to catch this fella. He’s in the construction business and he does like to admire a woman from the back as she is wiggling out of a child sized castle or walking down the hall in front of him. So if you’re willing to help him rebuild his trust and win his heart leave a comment.  A winner will be picked Wednesday and you have til Friday night to claim this last hunk.

Jeeves say good night to all the lovely ladies now.

Z Seawitch