Ok girls you can stop batting your eyelashes…. these bachelors have picked their dates, hope you put on your chapstick……..

Bachelor Prize # 1


Well here are your hunky men that grace your Lori Foster coffee mug and the lucky lady to get to sip the nights away with them is kimberleyc    and here was her comment. I’d send some whip cream but it wouldn’t make it before going bad, so you’ll have to provide your own.

“this mug sounds fantastic…menage a cinq!  Is there any better way to wake up in the morning….4 hot guys and a strong cuppa joe!  Thanks for re-prizing!”

Onward ladies….stop oogling….they don’t belong to you…unless you own the books.

Bachelor Prizes # 2

 Well this furry little fella will be bringing 10 fellas worth keeping with him, and two lucky ladies are going home with a new little friend….well..make that 10 new little friends. Our two lucky ladies to take home Lori Foster’s Tails of Love also featuring a story by Sue-Ellen Welfonder are Carol Fiore   and here is her comment;

“Good morning! Would wouldn’t love a bachelor that loves animals, I have 2 dogs and a few sheep and goats that live around me, I live in the city for 20 yrs. then moved to north fla. in a small country town and so I’m now which i was always a little bit country….living in chicago my friends always thought i was different, going to rodeos and hanging out with cowboys while they were with stockbrokers…anyways, Lori Foster is one of my favorite authors so loved to add this book to my book collection! thanks for having another giveaway.”

and CateS and here is her comment;

“Always go with a guy who loves animals… Thanks for the contests redux…”

Bachelor Prize # 3

 “Luke” was well sought after, a lawman of the old west…get on your best dress on for the town dance and I hope you like lemonade and watch out they may have spiked it. Becky Redd  is the winner of Deeanne Gist’s Love On the Line and here is her comment

“love some lawmen”.

Bachelor Prize # 4

  I hope this next date brings her game because she’s about to go on a “wild” ride into the world of shifters, time to get your inner kitty on sasharenay  you just won Jennifer Ashley’s  Wild Cat. Here is her comment

“Law Enforcement and shifters? What more do you need? Well other than re-prizing!! lol :) ”

Bachelor Prize # 5

  This bachelor is bringing some sweets with him, that’s right ladies Will Rollo is bringing along some Rolos for you to nibble while he tells his story. May I present Veronica Wolff’s Lord of the Highlands and the lucky lady to win this date is arswthrt  and here is her comment.

“mmmmm Scotsmen rank right up there with cowboys.. and Highlanders are the hunkiest!”

Bachelor Prize # 6

  Talk about wild rides the winner of this next date is in for a wild time with this cowboy. Mustang is about to do some things he would never have thought he would do and you get to see behind the scenes into his turmoil, you may need some chocolate too so I’ll throw in some rolos for you too.Mary Preston get your Bull rope ready, you’re getting Cat Johnson’s Bucked. Here’s her comment.

“You were not kidding. That is wild. Go Jeeves!!”

Bachelor # 7

Quick, let us in…..shut the shades. Ok here’s what’s happening. This is Conner and he has witnessed a murder and needs a place to lay low and I hear your place is just what we’re looking for Sue Ferrell.   Your  comment ” He can hide at my house any day.” leads me to believe you won’t be inconvenienced any. Enjoy Robin Carr’s Hidden Summit.

Now that Conner 1 is all set let’s move on to Conner 2’s hide out. Ok he’s going to need to blend in and I hear there’s an opening with Haggerty Construction so he won’t be out where to much of the public will see him but then after work you’ll need to keep an eye out for him. Mary Preston with this comment “I have a safe haven right here. Oh my!! Better & better.” I think you’ll do well.

Bachelor Prize # 8

   As you can see…oh, but no handling the merchandise please…this is one perfect man and he’s ready to get his woman of his dreams with his Perfect Play with the help of Jaci Burton. So the lucky, lucky lady who gets to take Mick and his football home to hopefully clean up is Lenna H,and here is her comment.

”  Oooh, oooh, I want this! Please enter me :-)

Our last bachelor for the evening, darn I should have had an auction, could have made some $$ for the USO.

Bachelor Prize # 9

 This hunk is recovering from a bad marriage and many of you expressed wishes to help Wyatt mend his heart and learn to love and trust again. I think the winner of this book will also get some chocolate to share while reading Jaci Burton’s A Rare Gift. So the date for our last bachelor is Ursala Avery and here is her comment.

” I LOVE a man who is good with his hands :)

Well that’s it ladies. Congratulations to all the winners of the bachelors, enjoy your dates. All winners please send me an email  with your snail mail addy  and for those winning an e-book your email for the e-books to be delivered to, to Seawitch Reviews @ yahoo .com ( remove the spaces) and put the title of the book you won in the subject line please.

Remember if I don’t hear from you by Friday night the prizes go back into my closet for future random giveaways.

Good night everyone and congratulations again to the winners.

Z Seawitch