It’s crazy in my house today and it was crazy all weekend, I think it may stay crazy all week. I just finished my post and was saving it when 3/4 of it disappeared. See what I mean?

So for today I’m giving you a recipe that is pretty simple but will delight your children’s tongues, and it’s versatile.

I have some lovely desert cups from my Tupperware days that I like to use but you can certainly use bowls, glass looks so nice for the layers but with kids I like plastic and I think sometimes that individual servings are nicer than scooping it out of a big bowl when it’s just your family.  You will also have to adjust it for your family or company size, this is a basic recipe for you to tweak.

Banana Cream Boats

A box of Vanilla Wafers

The large box of  Instant Banana Pudding, (if you are using big desert bowls or cups you’ll need two boxes)

Milk as per pudding directions

Bananas at least 6 maybe more depending on size and how much bananas you want to use.

Manchurian cherries (if you don’t like cherries – I don’t – then get some kind of berries or use bananas)

Mix-ins like mini chocolate chips, finely chopped nuts, sprinkles or toasted coconut.

A big tub or two of Cool Whip or home-made whipped cream for the middle and Redi-Whip canned whip cream for the top or just use left over cool whip.


1. Line the desert cups/bowls with vanilla wafers and cut up 2 of the bananas into rounds and do the same but spread the 2 bananas between all the cups. You’ll probably have to put the top layer on after partially filling the cups/bowls

2. Mix the pudding as per the box’s instruction and cut up 4 bananas into chunks and mix into the pudding, you can also mix in any of the mix ins but I usually only do 1 cup of mini chocolate chips.

3. Spoon the pudding into the cups/bowls until 1/4 full, then put a layer of whip cream until about 1/2 full, you can also add a layer of mix ins here if desired. This is about when the top layer of wafers and bananas is put on the upper sides. Then fill the cups/bowls with pudding until about 3/4 full or more.

4. Slice 2 bananas into rounds and place them flat on top of the pudding, sharing between all the cups/bowls. Cover with Plastic wrap and refrigerate until desert time.

5. When its desert time remove the plastic wrap and pile on the whipped cream and sprinkle top with any of the mix ins and top with a cherry. I just use the lightly toasted coconut and a few round banana slices.

What I like about this basic recipe is you can change it up. Don’t like banana? Use chocolate pudding and use Hershey chocolate sauce to drizzle over the wafers on the side and drizzle a layer over the cool whip, mix in the mini chocolate chips into the pudding or use brownie chunks.  Or you can use vanilla pudding and berries or bananas. This is a great recipe to tweak to suit your families tastes. Ever try Pistachio with little pear chunks??? yum.


Now on to the diet. I’m so mad my post disappeared when I tried to save the draft. I’m not going to write everything I had before I can’t remember everything.

I started my HCG diet with the first two Gorge days on Friday. My weight was 185.2, I lost two pounds the first day then gained it back after pigging out at a birthday party,which is what you are supposed to do, gorge. Then my first day of the 500 calorie diet, this morning I weighted in at 183.0 I did a lot of research into different companies, the one I decided on was recommended to me from friends who lost weight so I decided to check them out. So glad I did, it’s a homeopathic health center that their doctor recommended to them. Their drops are the strongest on the market and they don’t charge you an arm and a leg. One company I checked out was $99.00 a bottle. I pay $22.00 -$23.00 a bottle and it takes 2 for the 23 day diet. I also recommend using the Pro-biotic, Vit. D, Colbalicin and Adrenal they offer as well. I priced them with Wall-Mart and they were comparable so I got them from the center as they have made sure they were compatible with the drops.

This is my 4th time on the diet. When I went to do it the first time I was 213 lbs, after the third time I was 169 but because I skipped the maintenance phase I gained back all that I had lost that last time over the last 3 months.  This time I am going to make sure I do the maintenance phase to reset my body like I did the first two times. Here is the link incase you want to check them out, to order you do have to join their site but you get support, recipes( very – very important) and a weight and measurement chart and for 3 month’s it’s $19.95, 6 months is $29.95 and a year is $39.95. Best site I’ve seen. Of course you always want to check with your doctor before starting any diet. But I can tell you if you don’t cheat it works, esp. if you exercise even if it’s only walking. Oh yes there are two diet choices a 23 day diet and a 40 day which is hard to keep to at least for me I did great the first 28 days then with end of the school year parties I kept cheating. Now I do the 23 day diet and find that’s easier for me to keep.

But they do let you look around the site a bit. I wish they offered a couples package so both Denny and I could record our weights and measurements without two memberships. We only have mine and use paper to record his . Also if you do join print off everything, the charts, recipes etc. to use later.

So every post I’ll put up my weight, it will help keep me on the straight and narrow. The diet was hard the first time but with each time it’s gotten easier to stick to it. What makes it hard is having to cook for the family, so I try to get things that they can cook themselves therefore saving me from temptation. Also no yummy deserts like the above one until after my maintenance phase is complete and my body has reset.

So happy monday madness and have a great week everyone, see you on Wednesday.

Z Seawitch