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Diet Update: Ok today after 3 days of the reduced calorie diet I weighted in at 178.6 so I have lost 6.6 pounds. I was even feeding the baby a piece of chocolate cake and didn’t cheat. I’m hoping I’ll keep losing 2 lbs a day. Been washing windows and thromping down into the basement with laundry this morn as exercise. Spent most of yesterday running my mil around town then went to a track meet that didn’t get over until almost 9;30 pm. We got home about 10:30 pm.

Penelope & Prince Charming – Nvengarian series book 1

  I love these covers, you’ll see the rest in the series later on at the end. After reading the books I fell they truly capture the books essence.  This is a wonderful story of prophecy, legend, love and danger all rolled together and mixed with treachery for one wild ride of a read!

So I’m going to break my rule of no spoilers because this one comes at the beginning, well maybe it’s a tease instead.

Prince Damien is on a quest to fulfil a prophecy and as he is riding to find the woman who is his destiny he comes along a beauty and he can’t help it, he has to kiss her, he is compelled by his soul to kiss her. Then he must ride away to find this unknown woman he must convince to marry him then rush back so he can gain his kingdom, but his mind cannot stop thinking about the beauty he kissed then left behind. Guess what happens next??? Ah yes he arrives at his destination to find that the lady is the daughter of the woman he is looking for, now I’m going to stop here but I’m sure you know what is going to unfold but since I want you to go read the book I’ll stop.

So back to my review. We meet Prince Damien, exiled and hunted by assassins as he is about to become the Imperial Prince of Nvengaria.  A dark Prince who must now set out to find his destiny, his bride, his Princess to save himself and his country.

Penelope Trask is a simple English country miss who has twice broken off an engagement, now she is called a jilt and seems destined to become a spinster. That is until she happens to meet Damien in passing, falling under a spell that takes hold of the both of them drawing them to each other. She then discovers she is a long-lost princess as she bears her mother’s ring.

The ring is very important and has a lot to do with the little teaser scene I told you about. So let’s throw in a wonderful cast of supporting characters that are well-developed and help bring this story to life. I have to say I love Penelope’s mother but she is so silly she almost loses what she really wants and at times I just wanted to shake that woman and tell her to wise up. Then we have the Duke of Nvengaria who is trying to kill Damien so he can take over Nvengaria, but is he really a bad guy???? You’ll have to read it to find out.

The interaction between Penelope and Damien is lively and I love how they truly come to love each other. Then there is the prophecy and Penelope and the Logosh, they kinda give me the willies when Jennifer describes them and they can climb the walls and ceilings….that just freaks me out,  I can picture it in my mind. Jennifer does a wonderful job of intertwining magic with her story, everything had a real feeling  to it.

Let me end by saying Penelope is one lucky lady and I’d love to go Nvengaria for vacation next year but alas until then I’ll read the next book in the series The Mad, Bad Duke.

When I met Jennifer at RomCon last year I asked her (begged her to really) if she planned on writing any more Nvengarian tales, she said maybe but not in the near future, that was year ago remember. I live still in hope.

Inside Cover:

A Princess In Training

“Do you still want me to show you what Nvengarians

enjoy in bed?” Damien asked.

Penelope looked at him under her lashes, her cheeks

flushed. “Yes.”

He felt a tightening in his groin. “I am pleased to hear

you say that.”

She lifted her chin, though her eyes were wary. “I

hardly want you to run off to another Nvengarian woman

because you believe me too hesitant.”

He traced his fingers along her cheek, turning her to

face him. “Ah, Penelope. What I have to teach you will

take many years to learn.  I am a patient enough to spend

every day teaching you, if need be.” He touched his

mouth to Penelope’s upper lip. She hungrily leaned into

the kiss, but he pulled away. She sent him a look of

frustrated need.

“We’ll do this slowly,” he said. “But do not worry. I will

teach you everything….”

Prince Damien can tutor me anytime……sigh ….well look at the covers for the rest of the series shall we.

   Looking at this cover I know I’m going to enjoy this book.

   Oh my, a Highlander with a Sword and look at those arms.

  This one I don’t have so it looks like I need to get it.

If you would like to go to Jennifer’s site her is the link.

I hope you all have a great hump day today and I’ll see you Friday!

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