So today my oldest of the younger 6. Confused all ready???? Ok , You know how people living in Alaska call the states the lower 48?  Well I had 3 girls with my cheating first husband, I call them my older 3.  Denny and I had 6 kids together , I call them my younger 6.  If you are still confused, I canna help you.

So the oldest of my younger 6, Liz, turns 18 today, if I hadn’t been there I wouldn’t believe it.  Yeah, you have to remember this is me talking, at times I make no sense to myself.  She is supposed to go take her first written portion for her driver’s license today, lookout West Virginia!  So today I would love for you all to give her some driving tips, because like any teenage girl she doesna listen to what I say.

I’ll have Liz pick a random number and that person will win something. I’m not saying what it is until my post on Friday, where Liz will pick another random number for another prize.  Monday we’ll announce the winners.

She still has her senior year before college and then it’s WVU as she will get most of her tuition paid, thank goodness.

  Here she is in her prom dress.

Have a great Hump day today!

Z Seawitch