I was working on a piece for today but I was unable to get it finished in time for today. Hopefully I’ll get it out tomorrow. I have to finish up paperwork for my Child Support case transfer and I’m running short on time, so much paperwork. And Liz and DJ have a track meet tonight so I’ll be home really late.

Also Denny is back at the VA today, getting an upper GI. They didn’t scope him at first, just had him drink some stuff  and took  x-rays but now he is in the ER area waiting to get scoped because they say he either has a lot of scarage, blockage or cancer so they’re going in to see. I’m betting on the scarage or blockage, I’m hoping on the scarage or blockage.  When I hear from him I’ll update everyone.

So I want to also remind everyone that Lance Reid Rosenthal will be here next Weds for a Wild Wednesday and he’ll be talking about his newest book Maps of Fate. I am really enjoying the copy he sent me and he has also kindly sent a copy of Maps of Fate to give away to some lucky commenter along with the first book Thread’s West that I have to give away.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Z Seawitch