We spent all morning at the VA, Denny fasted incase he needed to for the scoping. He was told he would get scoped today. Guess what…he didn’t get scoped, he just got to see a GI doctor who then asked him about his symptoms, read the write-up and told Denny he needed to be scoped. WT?????? We knew this already but they had to have a doctor “officially” say so. And they won’t compensate us( travel pay) for this visit , the next one for pre-op and then the next for the scoping because they say its regular visits now because they found a problem, it’s not a part of his disability claims ….yet.  So he cancelled a job interview to go meet a doctor, get 7 chest x-rays and a 2 second EKG. It is frustrating, I know why so many get frustrated with the VA.  So now his scoping is scheduled for May 4th. Denny said the  doctor  he saw was getting rich from the VA….he was wearing a Rolex and a gold pinky ring with lots of diamonds, diamonds all over his wedding band too and a big gold necklace with a big gold charm. Granted he may have earned all that before going to work for the VA or married rich or was just plain rich but to wear it to the Work with the VA where so many served their country and don’t have riches seems a bit unsporting.  Like wearing the crown jewels to work at a soup kitchen. There no more evil thoughts about corruption……..it isn’t fair or nice of me to take my frustrations out on him.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts, tomorrows post will be a bit later in the day.

Oh and Yes, I did forget about the contest…look for winners hopefully tomorrow.

Z Seawitch