Ok got a new modem yesterday and the internet worked for a while that it started acting up again, but it could be my laptop too so we’ll see how things go. When I got back from the grade school and the kindergarten circus my dh said the guy couldn’t fix the internet. I immediately remembered thinking of one of you, Ivy I believe, who had the problem with her company trying to get her home internet working and it took weeks. I told her to nail the doors shut and not let the guy out until he fixed it. So I said looking at the guy ‘I’m gonna nail the door shut until you fix it and if that doesn’t work I’m gonna unloose the nine kids on you.” we all laughed. He said that most of the problem was out on the pole and a signal spliter that the original guy put in.

So let’s get to those winners shall we? and thanks for being so understanding about my internet problems, I was sweating bullets.

DJ’s Birthday Winners:

   A Warrior’s Redemption by Melissa Mayhue – winner is: CateS

  Haunted Warrior by Allie Mackay(aka SE) – winner is: Carole Fiore

  Whispers In the Dark by Maya Banks – winner is:MichelleAnn Obyle

  Wicked Edge by Nina Bangs – winner is: glittergirl2 ( I laughed when I counted the comments saw yours and had to go back to see which book you were getting and it matched up with- it worked out!)

   Redwood Bend by Robyn Carr – winner is:Dianne Sallans

Reid Lance Rosenthal’s Winner’s

  Thread’s West and Maps of Fate Winner : Linda Thum 

I do believe I have most of your snail mail addys but if you haven’t won something here recently or just want to double-check send me your snail mail at SeawitchReviews @ yahoo.com. Congratulations everyone!

Z Seawitch