Well I’m doing the post for Denny, he has been finding a lot of cool signs and sayings on Facebook. Here’s how this post came about.

BTW dear, stop reading the post now, as I’m going to  complain about you a bit.

The other day I was getting a bit fed up with Denny’s attitude. He was jumping on everyone and yelling at the drop of a hat. I think he also has PTSD and he thinks everyone here including the babies should know everything, how to act, not to touch, not to have to be told not to do something more than once……it’s frustrating. I keep telling him we’re not his sailors, and the babies are learning…did you learn everything after one time I ask?? Yes, we’re still adjusting to having him home all the time and he has to adjust to being around us as well. I think his butt is getting to attached to his recliner when there’s lots of stuff he could do around the house. Anyway the other day since I was a bit miffed at him, and he seemed to only care about when we would be having s**…I know a little too much information but it is part of the story. I said ” Do you know the best way to make a woman happy in bed?’ He looked at me and I could tell he was thinking only about sex and sure I can make you happy in bed. I then said, ” The best way to make a woman happy in bed is to start outside of it.” It went right over his head…he’s thinking….yes, I can tell what he’s thinking sometimes….ok, does that mean we start by standing up..or agaist the wall…… I just walked away to let him mull that one over. I don’t know about you guys but if I’m not happy with Denny I really don’t want to in the same bed with him. I know you should never go to bed angry, and those are very true words. And that’s why I said the best way to make a woman happy in bed was to start out of it. So Denny is his manly wisdom found this on Facebook somewhere, he had to show me and he kept saying to make sure I read the last few lines.

Thanks for listening to my rant everyone and if you’re still reading Denny, I still love you. I do love my husband but sometimes I just want to kick him in the arse.

He did have me laughing  but I did tell him I disagreed to a few, like must love to shop and be very rich and most of the time I forget our anniversary.

Then he sent me this one.

and this one…..

I told him I disagreed with this one a bit, only because I feel, there are people out there who are not parents but can feel love like that, but is still a good saying.

This one I want blown up 2 feet by 4 feet and put on the wall for my kids to see everyday.

So have a Happy Hump Day everyone!

Z Seawitch and Denny.