We received a comment from Danita over at Brenda’s Auction for A Cure so I thought I would post it along with the links for the items I donated.

Thank you so much for helping us to spread the word about the auction and what you and the other finalists are auctioning off. We appreciate your participation and generosity. My name is Danita and I’m a volunteer on the auction and your help in getting the word out generates more shoppers and visits to the auction website. We have added to new features to this year’s auction. We know that there are some shoppers who are unable to bid on items but do want to contribute to the cause so we have added a store which will allow them to purchase items and the proceeds go towards the auction the link is http://www.cafepress.com/brendanovaksonlinediabetesauction. We have also added a blog which will have updates of the auction, items that are currently being spotlighted, live chats, and much more. The link to visit is http://bnauctionblog.tumblr.com/. Thank you again for helping us to make a difference.


and from my friend Mike Sheppard 4 Time World Champion Kickboxer .

, this autographed Glove and pictures.


On another bright note, Denny was offered a job with the pipeline, and he was given a raise before he even started, he’ll be doing office work, paperwork and running parts where needed as needed as opposed to doing hard manual labor with his shoulder. So as this posts he’ll be starting his first day on the job up in PA. The only bad part was he had to cancel his doctor’s appointments, but we’ll reschedule so he can meet his new primary care and figure out what they are going to do about his scoping.

Z Seawitch