Ok, here is your chance to help. Here is an email I received, I sent back some questions I thought of but I’m opening it up to all you as well. So read it and then please send me your questions to my email with family feud in the subject line and I’ll pass them along. Thanks!

Z Seawitch

Seawitch Reviews @ yahoo.com


  I hope my email finds you healthy, happy, reading and writing until your heart is content. I am emailing because I need a little help. I am setting up a game that will be played at RomCon. I am calling it Genre Feud. It is going to be played just like Family Feud. It will have authors and readers from different genre’s competing against each other. So far I have erotic , paranormal, and historical author’s and readers. They have given some questions but to keep it fair I need more. My problem is the questions. I am setting up a survey to help with the game but I have run out of questions. Do you have any suggestions? Here is an example question… Name things you can do in a barn/shed. Thank you for any help you can give!! Have a great night.