Today is the last day of school here and tomorrow I get  to sleep in just a little then the madness begins, lol. So I thought you all would enjoy this, this is what it’s like on a submarine. There is one thing though, once the sub pulls out of port you no longer live in a 24 hour world your days are now 18 hours days. At the end is a link to a video where they talk about the 18 hour day. You spend 6 hours on watch, 6 hours regular/maintenance work and you get 6 hours to sleep before starting the cycle over again. The bed are called racks btw. Oh and you have to get your meals in there somewhere too and do your laundry and hopefully shower and shave. Believe me you have to shave almost everyday but according to Denny not all of them take enough showers and they have to force some to shower because they stink so bad.

From the USS West Virginia Blue Crew FRG Cookbook

 USS West Virginia, these “boomer subs are bigger than the sleek fast attack sub that Denny prefers. If you just below the flag you see people in orange on the sail, my favorite place to be when on a dependants cruise.

 These are midshipmen from the Naval Academy making the WV while on a ride, if you look there are girls!!!! Sorry I’m against women on subs unless it’s an all female crew….but that’s a whole nother soapbox. The USS West Virginia was the first to take women midshipmen and when it comes out of dry dock it will be re-fitted to have females on board. I’ll save that soap box for another day.

How to Simulate  Submarine Life At Home

1. Sleep on the shelf in your closet. Replace the closet door with a curtain. Every two hours after you go to sleep, have someone whip open the curtain, shine a flashlight in your eyes and mumble. “Sorry, wrong rack, ” or “Sign this.” 

 The USS Connecticut, fast attack sub. Here it is in the Arctic     Yes they had my hubby go out and buy chain saws before the trip because they have to cut thru the ice to get to hatches and stuff I guess. Not sure if that picture is of him or not. And here is the picture of the polar bear that attacked the sub when it surfaced, this happened just after we transferred off the sub. 

2. Use 18 scoops of coffee per pot and allow it to sit for 5-6 hours before drinking

 USS Philadelphia drapped with its homecoming lei, this boat was our favorite fast attack, it is no longer in service.     This picture shows the “wart” that is carried when SEALS are on board and the mini sub. Here is an underwater shot. 

3. Install a fluorescent lamp on the underside of you coffee table and lie under it to read books.

4. Every so often yell, “Emergency Deep!” or ‘Torpedo in the Water!” and run into the kitchen: throw all pots, pans and dishes onto the floor.

   USS Bergall, doing an emergency blow. I have done one of these….fun and scary! Lots of pots and pans crashing to the floor in the mess deck, then the cook cursing. This wasn’t one of Denny’s boats but it was one of my ex’s, my first sub.

5. Once a month a month, take every major appliance completely apart and then put them back together(just incase they are about to break).

  The USS Haddo Denny’s first submarine.

6. Make up your family menu a week ahead of time without looking in your food cabinets or refrigerator.

  USS Dallas, Denny was a rider on this sub. If you have seen the Hunt for Red October than you’ve seen the Dallas, it also carries a wart and the SEALS that go with it.

7. When making a cake, prop up one side of the pan while cooking. Spread icing really thick on one side to make level.

  Here is the Dallas coming home…see the lei and the crew are in their dress whites.

Now that you have read the recipe here is a video for you to watch, this link takes you to a blog site that I just found and was surprised to find I know the blog owner, he served on the USS Connecticut with my husband. In fact the day the twin towers were hit in NYC I was driving over the Gold Star Bridge between New London and Groton, (the subs have to go under the bridge to get out to sea) and went to his  house and spent half the day with his wife when I heard the news on the radio. Scroll down a little ways till you see the National Geographic video, I tried to copy the link but it only takes you to the main page at National Geographic website and not the video. This sub is the USS Florida which I belive is a SSBM like the West Virginia.

Z Seawitch