Ok so we have my dress, I’m making the picture bigger this time so you can see the detail, it arrived today I’m a little worried if it will fit. I may need to lose a few pounds.

 Here are some hat options!

  Hat # 1

  Hat #2

  Hat #3

  Hat #4

  Hat #5 – may have already sold

Now for Denny I was looking at this.

  a suit

or this  a new kilt #1

or this kilt   #2

or this one for Ireland #3.

And this Laird’s waistcoat to go with whichever tartan.


If I get the kilt he can also wear it to Melissa Mayhue Highlander Event as well as the titanic tea, or I may get the suit too!

Then here are the girls dresses

For Miss Stephanie – Girl Friday  purple

and for the 18-year-old brat Liz    green.

The girls won’t be wearing hats although I think they would look good with a small hat or at least Steph as she’s the oldest gel.

So here is your chance to help me pick a hat and the suit or a new kilt for Denny. What do you all think, everything is numbered!

Thanks, Z Seawitch