Today is the evil duo’s last coach pitch game, then their banquet is Sunday. Yeah two down three to go. Babe and Maddy have made the All-star team so they will be playing extra games after their playoffs which are next week. Zack’s team is really burning up the bases and it looks like they have a shot at the championship game if they keep it up after their rocky start. There’s only one team they haven’t beat once.

On the winners front, I still haven’t heard from a few winners but Dalila and MaryAnn your books are going out today!

If anyone “sees” these other ladies Fedora, Julianne or CateS elsewhere you can always give them a head’s up. I’m not up to chasing anyone down, although two are usually here.

Well I was going to post some pictures of the lovely sunset from the other day, such a beautiful gloaming but my phone is being contrary about sending them. So I’ll save them for another day of send then to SE as she loves a good gloaming.

Everyone have a great Weekend and if you think about it you can send Gliitergirl (Lenna) some good wishes, she has been sick but her mum just had another stroke, you can see her comments in the last post.

May Heavenly Father smile down on you Lenna and lots of hugs from me.

Z Seawitch