So I dropped the ball and didn’t get my Friday’s post done last night….sorry, but I did get Monday’s done. I spent today cleaning the house, doing laundry…still doing laundry in fact….cooking BBQ pulled pork and doing some costume adjustments because mine is a wee bit tight! I was going to take a quick break before packing and went in to look through my email and guess what I found???? No I didn’t win the BBC lotto that keeps showing up in my spam, I won another contest over on Elise Marion’s site and the announcement was in her newsletter. Here is the blurb:

‘Tell Your Love Story’ Contest Winner

Thanks to everyone who sent in entries for last month’s contest. I got alot of awesome stories, from comedies to tear jerkers, and it was hard to pick just one. But, there can only be one winner, and I chose the person who’s story touched me the most. The winner is….drum roll, please…ZINA LYNCH! I can’t wait to put my spin on your story and tell it to the world! Congratulations.

If you want to go over and see her newsletter here is the link.

Ok, so I will let you see the email I sent in and I can’t wait to see how she spins Denny and mine’s story. I haven’t even told him yet! He’s very very busy at work.

I’m glad to see you would change the names. Here you go.
My husband Scott and I were living seperate, he was in the Navy and stationed down in San Diego and I was living with our 3 girls with my parents in Redding, Calif. He was coming up to visit and didn’t want to come by himself so he brought a friend off his submarine, Denny. I was determined to be on the bitchy side and to heartily dislike his friend. On the day they were to arrive I went out with my girlfriend and her boyfriend who was also my friend(infact I introduced them) to some local craft fairs. We had been driving around all day in the sun with the top down so that when we hot back to my parents I was hot, sweaty, a little burnt and my hair was all over the place from the wind. When I walked in to my parents there was my husbands’ friend sitting in my mom’s recliner and for me it was instant dislike. For Denny he’ll tell you he took one look at me and he fell in love instantly with an angel and started saying to himself in his head” Please don’t let that be her.” over and over. So all weekend I did everything I could to be mean and bitchy and he did everything he could to impress and get me to like him because he says he knew he was going to marry me. We tried to reconcile but I ended my marriage of 5 years when I found a letter hidden in my desk from a stripper written to my husband dated a month before I had our 3rd daughter. A year later Denny and I got married, we’ve been married 21 years this June and added 6 more children for a total of 9 ( well we’re still raising the younger 6).
Boy won’t that make an interesting story to base a book on. Of course she will change our names and put her own spin on it, but I can’t wait to read it when Elise is done.
Have a great weekend everyone.
Z Seawitch